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A Paid Keyword Research Tool I use - SE Cockpit
I didn't feel it wise to leave this part since I do use keyword research tools. However, I will NEVER say that it is bare necessary to have keyword research tools with you - though it does place convenience at your finger tips since the tool is ready on your desktop itself.

In my own experience, I have used a number of keyword research tools but the one that fits the bill the most for my needs is SECockpit.

The tool is extraordinarily fast and what's more it actually allows you to assess competition in much more detail than you expect - like first page ranking sites and even YouTube videos for the keyword in question.

It even simplifies the process of finding long tail keywords simply based on the keywords I have chosen to begin with - thereby allowing you to rank your site for these keywords with much ease.

I highly recommend it for those of you who are not on a budget and would like to make your keyword analysis as in depth as possible. It is not necessary as I said earlier, but yes -it is an extremely powerful catalyst to speed up money making with Adsense, since you are venturing into definite profitability once you have analyzed your keywords with SE Cockpit.

Here's the download page:

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