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A Summary of What We Have Done So Far
Therefore, thus far, let us see how what all we have paid attention to so far, from the On Page SEO & Quality/Formatting perspective. I am including this only to let you know that while you may not seem to realize, but you have actually done a LOT to please Google so far.

  • Firstly, we chose a URL which is either an Exact Match or keyword rich. So we started off on a high note directly
  • We first made it a point to install all the essential plugins and configure them aptly
  • We paid special attention to Title tags and how they can be toyed around with to make a solid first impression and impact on SERPs.
  • We went into details of Meta Descriptions and Page Titles and how we can attract quality visitors by optimizing them well. Remember - SEO is not the only thing we should be basing our site on.
  • We created essential pages like Privacy Policy, Contact Us and Earnings disclaimer so as to comply with the requirements of a well-laid out Adsense authority site
  • We differentiated between posts and pages and went into details of Heading tags and writing quality posts
  • We optimized image-based content on the SEO front

Congratulations - you are on your way to already making a killer Adsense website. Rinse and repeat the post-specific procedures for each post and within a few days, you will have an authority site at your disposal which will become a money cranking machine instantly.

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