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Adding a Polyvore Mini-Editor to Your Site
Adding a Polyvore Mini Editor to Your Site

As if creating the basic Polyvore sets aren't enough....Polyvore offers us a tool for our websites that exceeds all expectations of cool.

Polyvore offers a “Mini Editor" that we can embed in our site. What this is, is a Mini Polyvore program that our users can play with on our site.

For example, let's say you sell coffeemakers. You can make a Polyvore MiniEditor by pulling all Polyvore's images that involve anything coffee-like: coffee makers, coffee mugs, bags of coffee, coffee tins, coffee colored clothing, etc.

Then, you embed that Mini-Editor on your site. That means that within YOUR site, users can play and build coffee-related sets.

Advantages of Using a Mini-Editor on Your Set

It's totally fun for users, and a totally unique experience. Your average internet user does not yet know the fun of Polyvore. Introduce your user to the fun of Polyvore creation, within your site. This is a value feature you offer your customer.

Rankings at the Search Engine

One criterion that the search engines are using to evaluate the value of your site (and therefore reward you with better rank in searches) is how long visitors “hang out" on your site. If you provide your visitors with a tool that allows them to play on your site, they are going to spend more time there, and you are going to get better rankings.

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