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Basic Pages You Need to Have on Your Site
A little bit earlier when we were talking about plug-ins, I mentioned the importance of having a privacy policy page. There are also a couple of other pages that you need to create in conjunction with this, which include an about us page, an earnings disclaimer, and a contact us page. These pages all go hand-in-hand with creating a sense of trust for your website in the eyes of Google.

Privacy Policy/ About Us/ Earnings Disclaimer

In order to create a new page within your website, all you have to do is go to the tab that says pages, and click on the link that says "add a new page". When you get to that page, you will see a text editor that allows you to put in the content for your page. The top text box is the place for your title, and in the case they we're using here, go ahead and type in "Earnings Disclaimer". This is going to be the title of the page, and it will display above the content in bold lettering. Some WordPress themes also use this for the H1 tags which are important from an Seo standpoint. After you have your title installed, go ahead and copy and paste the content from the action sheet that is provided with this course for this page and place it within the text editor. After that is done, over on the right-hand side you will see a big blue button that says "Publish". Go ahead and click on that, and after you do your content will then be live.

Repeat this process to create your Privacy Policy page (if you did not use the plugin). I have already provided along with this Course the content for these basic pages as a Word file so that you can Copy-Paste it directly whilst making your site.

However, creating the Contact page will be a little different.

Contact Page

In order to have a complete contact page, the only thing that you essentially need is simply a little bit of content and an e-mail address that can be used as a point of contact. As another option, you could also use a contact form, but either way is fine. The only thing that's really important is that you actually have a contact page on the site so that Google will deem it as a legitimate site. There are a variety of different contact form plug-ins for WordPress, and in my opinion the one linked to below is one of best ones and is the one that I use -

(You can also search for it like you did for All in One SEO Pack as below)

Just like all of the other plug-ins, once you have "contact form 7" installed on your website, go over to the plug-ins tabl then to the plug-ins page. You need to locate this plug-in and click the activate button in order for it to work. Next go ahead and click on the "settings" option. Spammers have a tendency to send out bots to troll for contact forms, so it's wise to use a captcha box for your form. In order to implement one of these on your website using this plug-in, you'll need to install and activate "simple captcha" on your site. After you have done that, go ahead and click on the tab that says "Generate" which will find under the settings for the captcha form 7. You will then need to click the button that says "CAPTCHA" which will appear in the drop-down list.


After you complete this process, you will find a number of different options over on the right, but we' re only going to focus on lines of code that are highlighted in brown as seen in the image provided.

It's obvious that you are going to want to keep the appearance of your site consistent, so in order to do this, you're going to need to repeat a couple of pieces of HTML code that are already present within the text box. The first thing you need to do is add <p> at the start of the first line, and then at the end of the first line add a </br>. You'll then want to place a </p> after the second line. When you have completed this successfully, it's going to look like the image below:

If you scroll further down on this page, you will find where you can change the e-mail address that the form will send any of the submissions to, but this isn't something that I normally mess with as I just leave everything at the default settings.

After all of this is completed, go ahead and scroll to the top again and click the save button so that all of these changes can be saved to your contact form. After you do that, go ahead and highlight and copy the code displayed in brown to your clipboard as this is what is going to be pasted within the text editor for your contact page.

Go ahead and go back to pages, click the "add new”, and then title the page "contact us", or "contact", or something akin to that, and then go ahead and paste that code which you copied within the text editor. After doing that, go ahead and click publish, and you will now have a live contact form on your contact page.

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