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Beyond Basic Pinning
Becoming well-followed and highly repinned on Pinterest requires a bit of dance. We are here to teach you all the foot placements in that dance.

Here are the basic steps to get you started:

Step One

First, start by pinning. Get a few boards up with several pins each. Your board that is the most related to your business (although you may have several business-related boards) can be your main focus, and then you can add other boards to organize other items of interest that you come across in your searching.

Step Two

Find pins on Pinterest that you like. You can do this in one of three ways.

1. Search for specific item. (This is why those keywords are important!) Use the search feature in the top left corner of the screen to find images related to your board.

You can then choose to search for individual pins of cookies (by clicking Pins ) or entire boards that are dedicated to cookies by choosing Boards. If you choose People in this case you would come up with Pinners whose name is "Cookies!" Rather use this feature to find a particular person, by name, whom you would like to follow.

2. Browse through pins by category, including popularity. From the Homepage, search for images through categories (under "Everything") or for those that are most popular.

3. See what others are pinning. As you begin following other pinners, their pins will pop up on your screen whenever you log in. Another way to see your "Friends" pins is to hit the Pinners You Follow tag below.

4. Search the Internet for images you like. This is where the options are endless and also where you will find your original material that could get lots of repins. If you simply repin others' finds, you do not get credit for the pin. What this translates to in website traffic promotion lingo? If you post the original pin, new pinners see your website link as the source and may click through to your site. But the repinners are just fans. There are no links back to their sites. (more later on how to assure images that you find will link back to YOUR site that you are trying to promote)

Here is how to search the Internet for images.

Let's imagine you run a local running store and are beginning promotion through building a Pinterest profile. Go to Google Images and search for whatever specific products you would like to highlight or promote.

What will come up are several images of running shoes. Any you like? Click through to the original source of that image and pin it.

Next, it's time to go lateral. Time to get really creative. But that's really easy now because you know the New Pinterest Pinning Tenants!

Think back to our original Pinning Tenants and then synthesize your theme of "Running" with the tenants. You come up with Running Inspiration, Running Solutions, Running that Creates Connection (think images of mother running 5K with her daughter), Creative Spins on Running (kitten wearing running shoes) and Images of SelfImprovement through running. Let's see what we can find.

Try putting this into your search engine:

What comes up are several gorgeous images of people running in beautiful places with well-placed quotations around them. Go ahead, browse through these and grab any that tickle your soul (see the above Mind-Body Mini Guide to Pinning on Pinterest for inspiration and advice on how to choose.)

Let's keep going. Try this:

What comes up is beautiful. The images convey so much more emotion than what I can convey here in text, so I recommend you do this search yourself so you can see. But there are lovely photos. One is of a Mom and her daughter who appears to have Down's Syndrome walking a 5K. There is a mother and her 7 year old daughter touching noses after a race. Moms holding babies at the finish line. Sweet stuff. Very pinnable.

The point I want to emphasize here is that these images are not what one may first think of when brainstorming content for a board. We tend to get stuck in the literal. “A Pinterest board about running -okay I'll find pictures of running shoes." You for sure need some sneakers on your board, but you'll need so much more.

Come up with your theme and then synthesize those words with our Pinning Tenets. As you complete these word pairings, certain images will pop into your mind. When I paired Running + Creative Spins, an image of a cat doing yoga (I had seen on Pinterest) popped into my mind. This gave me the idea of a cat in running shoes. So I typed "animals running" into Google images and was struck by the image of a tiger running. I hadn't even thought of that. A running store that promotes itself by putting up a Pinterest page of animals running. Now that's good. And outside the box. And it's going to be very successful!

And on and on. That's how you do it my friends. Find these unique and heart stirring images, present them in creative ways, and BAM! All of a sudden you have followers.

5. Original Content. The best of the best pins are original content. This means uploading your own pictures, creating your own images/quotes/pictures/cartoons in artistic software programs and online collage makers, like Polyvore. Much more about creating original content and the importance of linking back to your website later. Just an introduction here.

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