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Blog Commenting Backlinks
This is one of the simplest methods to get backlinks. It may not be powerful - but as I said, when you are doing backlinking - everything needs to be DONE! I say this out of experience and also because when I was a newcomer, I spent a lot of time on speculating over the importance of each technique, but in the process, forgot that any technique of obtaining backlinks, eventually adds to my link building portfolio - thereby enhancing diversity.

So simply put, blog commenting involves placing links on blogs on the Internet. The importance of the link is further amplified if it comes from a high PR blog (which I will show in just a moment how to get).

How to comment?

How is blog commenting for backlinking done? No rocket science in this at all! Usually, most blog posts have a section where visitors can leave their comments. Now, there is also a slot to enter your website's URL and your name. Generally, what you enter in the "name" slot becomes the anchor text for your website URL when the comment is published. So make sure that when you are writing your name, keep in mind that it is your desired anchor text you need to write here!

Note: Make sure you read the post you are commenting on and if you do not want your post to be deleted, comment something relevant!

Important: What are Footprints?

There are blogging platforms out there, a popular one like WordPress being a good example. Likewise with forum softwares, a popular example is VBulletin. Now, if you have installed wordpress on your domain you might have very well noticed the text "Powered by Wordpress" at the bottom of the site. Though that is editable, not many people bother to do so. Due to this, if the text "Powered by Wordpress" is searched in Google, you end up getting tons of Wordpress Blogs in your search results. This is why it qualifies as a footprint

Therefore, a footprint is a piece of text which helps us to search for sites, closely linked to the niche you are operating in, and which use that specific platform.

For example in addition to "Powered by Wordpress", put a space and type "Weight loss" or something else while searching, and you will end up with a list of Wordpress Blogs in the weight loss niche.

Moving on, some blogs do not accept comments. To overcome this, use the footprint:

"Powered by Wordpress" "leave a comment" weight loss

You can do the exact same thing to look for forums by using "Powered by Vbulletin" instead of Wordpress.

I hope this has given you an idea of Footprints.

How to find blogs to place your comments on?

Method 1: Google Blogs

Now assuming the website you are trying to rank, is based on dog training - then, all you need to do is go to and in the search box, type in "dog training". There will be several blogs which show up. Now what you can do is, visit each of these blogs, find a post which you can leave a comment on and that's it! It's that simple.

Method 2: WordPress Blogs (The footprint method)

If you want to find more blogs, simply go to Google and in the search box, enter the following footprint (assuming it is again dog training blogs you are looking for):

"powered by wordpress" dog training

This will help you find Wordpress blogs to leave comments on. (Snapshot below)

Method 3: Spying - the most effective method!

Now assuming you have found a blog already, which has posts with comments on it. What you can now do is look at the users who have commented on it and keep a track of their names.

Choose any one of them - say, a commenter who has left a comment with his name as "Meteor" which is the anchor text for the backlink to his site.

Now, what we will essentially be doing is finding out which are the other blogs he is commenting on to get backlinks. This method in my opinion is extremely effective when it comes to getting quality backlinks, since some of these links are left by veterans in the SEO industry.

So how do we do it? Simple, go to the Google homepage and in the search box, use the following footprint

"by meteor" -profile inurl:blog

So what we are doing effectively is finding posts made by the name "meteor" but excluding profile links (hence the minus sign before profile). The latter part tells Google to only look for blogs where this person has left a comment.

You can do this for as many commenters as you like on the further blogs you come across and get quality backlinks from the same sources as them.

An addition: Another thing you can also do once you have identified your commenters is to set-up Google Alerts to monitor their postings. This way - you can keep yourselves updated with the latest posts made by them when they do so. To do this, you basically need to login to Google Alerts ( and enter the data in the boxes as follows(Snapshot below):

  • Search terms: by meteor (or whatever is the name of the poster)
  • Type: Everything
  • How often: As it happens
  • How many: all results
  • Your email: Preferably, enter your Gmail I.D.

And there you have it - henceforth, there will be mails delivered to you based on when the poster you are "stalking" posts on other blogs to get backlinks.

Tip: The more weird the user name of the poster sounds, the better quality backlinks you will usually get. For example, if somebody has posted with a name "Tim" there will be several Tims all over the Internet and so it will be very difficult to distinguish the comments on blogs.


As I said earlier, at an advanced stage, you would want to automate backlinking as much as you can. Again, understand that there is no need to automate at an early stage - it is best to first master a particular concept, rinse and repeat and then when you feel there is no way that you can continue doing it manually, only then should you automate.

However, once the stage of automation does come and you do need to automate blog commenting, you need to basically purchase a software like Scrapebox or Sick Scraper. What this will do is allow you to use footprints of your choice to locate blogs and forums as per your relevance demand and in case of Scrapebox, even post to these forums and blogs.

Important Note: In case of both Scrapebox and Sick Scraper, there are some excellent standardized footprints which you can use. I am including a separate text file as part of this offer in which I am including these footprints. Go through them and use them wisely. Also, once you get a hang of it, you can even come up innovatively with your own footprints.

Important Tip: Do not use scraping software until a much later stage and even if you do, please go through all the tutorial videos thoroughly. Look for extra help where you feel like, but remember - do not use a scraping software without guidance - otherwise your website may get seriously damaged. There is a good way as well as a bad way to use these automation softwares. Use them very diligently. Automation of any kind will also always be vulnerable to Google updates. So do it only when you become an SEO veteran.

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