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Change Management
I will not disagree on the fact that any normal person will obviously get intimidated by the changes occurring in field he pursues - and obviously Adsense is no exception.

In fact, I saw a lot of Adsense marketers literally give up & sell their sites on Flippa and DP, thus leaving a lot of space open for the newer Adsense aspirants. This is another reason that I felt this was the right time to come out with an Adsense Course.

I fail to understand why the perspective when it comes to making money in IM is a short term one - I mean, if this was a usual brick and mortar business you owned, wouldn't your decisions be based on your long term goals? Then why is IM an exception.

A few changes made by Google do not nullify your knowledge. Yes, you may have been penalized but why play wuss and run away. Instead the focus should be on taking these changes in your stride and positively applying your previous knowledge to get back with a bang!

Yes - I do have evidence to back what I am saying. A couple of websites which these Adsense fellows sold off to me on Flippa, are today making much more money than I even bought them for. Why - Because I knew that there isn't anything irrepairably wrong with them!

While this Course is applicable to newbies as I have said, don't worry if you are one of those who is hit by Adsense. I assure you by the end of this Course - you would be back on an uphill journey with Adsense.

It literally took me a month or more of research to get my Adsense sites back to the way they would earlier fetch me passive income streams, once Panda had hit. I would visit a number of blogs and forums, in order to look at other people's remedies to rectify their sites and would experiment on my own.

Only once I had figured out what Google exactly expected of us marketers, and made the necessary changes to my sites, did I start purchasing others' sites. And today when I look back, I am so glad I did that initial research.

Why am I telling you all this - Simple! What if there is an update which Google brings about tomorrow? And you are hit again (either first time or second time) - what will you do? Run away and sell of your site? I hope not. So when bad times strike, be patient and continue researching. No matter how HUGE the change is when it comes to scale, it is never invincible as you should be like the way I am - who rather looks for a solution than lament over a problem. And if you do come across a fruitful solution - share it with others.

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