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Chapter 12: Order Form Secrets
In years past, most customers placed their orders using a form mailed back to :he company offering the product. These days however, most customers prefer to use the telephone to order products.

Still, the order form can be a very valuable part of the offer. It can be used to close the sale, reemphasize the benefits of the product, and present the guarantee.

Here are some tips to help you design and use the order form.

  • When designing your order form, don’t be too formal. Keep it simple and friendly with no small print or stumbling blocks.
  • Even on the printed order form, encourage phone sales. Say “For fastest service, call...”
  • Avoid the words ‘buy’ and ‘pay’ on your order forms. These words are a little painful. Instead, use phrases like “Send me,” “Please rush my,” and “Bill my charge card.”
  • Use the order form to reinforce the sale. Repeat the offer and use bullets to list everything the customer is going to get upon placing the order.
  • If you include an order form, be sure to include an order reply envelope. Make it easy for customers to send orders in.
  • Never make the customer buy the stamp. Make sure your reply envelope is postage paid. Don’t lose an order because you were too cheap to pay the postage.
  • On the order form, be sure to use words like ‘expedite’ and ‘rush,’ so your customer knows that you value the order and will get his product shipped quickly.
  • Include your money back guarantee on the order form. This builds customer confidence in your company and product.
  • Use check boxes on the order form. These boxes are inviting to check off, and make it easy for your customer to make a decision.
  • Give them plenty of room to write. Don’t skimp on space for the customer name and address. Leave plenty of room for customers to write the information you need, especially a credit card signature.
  • Ask your customer to print information on the order form. It can be very difficult to read hand writing. Asking the customer to print name and address, etc. makes it easier for your order entry person and cuts down on misspelled names and incorrect street addresses.
  • Always include room for country information. This encourages overseas buyers. Also, include a phone number that international customers can call to place orders.
  • Along with their name and address, ask for the customer’s phone number. This allows you to contact the customer if there are any questions. (Especially important if you accept credit card orders.)
  • Always include your phone number on the order form. This makes it easy for customers to contact you should they have any questions while filling out the order form.
  • Consider eliminating the order form altogether. Encourage customers to order by phone by offering a special bonus when they do so. Most customer prefer to order by the phone anyway.
  • When including an order form, make it a separate sheet of paper. Don’t have it printed within the body of your letter.

Source: 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets
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