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Chapter 16: Profitable Mailing Strategies
The final step in getting your sales letter to your customer is mailing it. This a is a relatively simple process, where little can go wrong. However, things can and do go wrong during mailing.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the mailing process work in your favor. Here are some guidelines for that.

  • Timing is important. Send your mail when your customers are most likely to read it, and are most likely to buy. Time your mailing to reach people at peak buying times.
  • Timing is important, Part two. Avoid sending mail when your customers will have other things on their minds. Don’t let your letter arrive right before tax time, or the first of the month, when the bulk of customers’ monthly bills are due.
  • Timing is important, Part three. When sending Third Class mail, drop it at the post office early in the week and early in the day. it is more likely to get processed correctly this way. Above all, avoid dropping mail on Friday afternoons. It could get misplaced, or delayed until the first of the week.
  • Timing is important, Part four. The best selling months for mail order... October, November, September, January, February and March.
  • The worst months to mail... July, August and December.
  • On small mailings, or test mailings, send it First Class. It looks less like junk mail, gives you a faster turnaround on response, and with First class you get free mail forwarding.
  • Another big plus when using First Class stamps: you get all undeliverable mail returned to you. This is important when using a mailing list, and gives you an idea of how many undeliverables are on the list.
  • Whether mailing First or Third Class use real stamps. Colorful stamps make the mailing look less like junk mail. Even Third Class Bulk Rate now offers a colorful live stamp.
  • Always mail your sales letter to yourself before doing a large mailing. This will give you a good idea of what your letter looks like when the customer gets it.
  • Watch your weight. Nine pennies on a scale is exactly one ounce and this is a cheap way to check your postal scales.

Source: 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets
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