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Chapter 4: The Psychology Of Customers
Before you start writing your sales letter there aresome things you need to know about your potential customers. The most important is simply that they are people. And this means they have a few interesting characteristics and behavior patterns.

What you learn about your potential customer in the next few pages can be used to your extreme advantage. Knowing about and preparing for the customer’s general tendencies and behavior patterns before you create your direct mail project can greatly increase your chances of success.

Here are some things you’ll want to know about your potential customers, and keep in mind as you construct your sales material.

  • People are procrastinators. Better give them a good reason to respond now, or they will put it off forever.
  • People are skeptical. They don’t want to believe you, so you must give them a reason to.
  • People are easily confused. And if you confuse them, you lose them. Make everything perfectly clear.
  • People are lazy (or at least reluctant to take action). Make it very easy for them to order.
  • People worry about making the wrong decision. Use testimonials to give them assurance.
  • People generally avoid risk. Reduce their risk by offering a guarantee.
  • People don’t have the time to read your sales letter. Give them a reason in the headline, and make it an enjoyable experience.
  • People don’t like junk mail. Qualify your audience before you mail so people who receive your offer are interested in it.
  • People want to know, “Can I believe and trust you?” Follow the high road, write believable copy, and offer testimonials and a guarantee.
  • People move. From home to home, job to job, spouse to spouse. Make sure your mailing list and database are updated frequently.
  • Once people decide they want your product, they want it now. Be sure to tell them in the letter how quickly they can get it. An overnight delivery option greatly increases orders.

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