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Chapter 6: Getting In The Mood To Write A Sales Letter
When writing anything, it’s almost impossible to keep your personal frame of mind from showing up in your writing. Write while you are angry, and your letter will have an angry edge. Write while you are desperate, and your letter will have a desperate undertone. Write while you are happy and confident, and that shines through to your customers, as well.

To get the most out of your writing, try these tips.

  • Define the tone you want for your letter (happy, sad, hurried, etc.), before you start.
  • Don’t try to write unless you are in the proper frame of mind for it. Your frame of mind should match the tone you want in your letter.
  • Don’t start writing when you know you don’t have time to finish the job.
  • Don’t try to write with a constant stream of interruptions. If you continually lose your train of thought, your customers will see this in the letter.
  • Don’t write in areas where you’ll be easily distracted. Choose a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.
  • Create a soothing environment to write in. Get the temperature in your room cool enough to be comfortable, and try playing soft background music (but not radio as the talking will distract you).
  • Write with comfortable tools. Don’t start a project with a new software program on a new computer. It’s hard to stay focused on your writing when you are lost in the program.
  • Unclutter your mind. Turn off your thoughts about your business and personal life. Don’t let these distractions show up in your letter.
  • Unclutter your desk. It’s hard to write with piles of paper spilling on the floor.
  • Do your research before you write. This way you won’t stumble or come to a stopping point for lack of facts that need researching.
  • When you know you need to write something creative, read something creative first. Put away all your technical books, and read a best selling novel. As you read, you’ll subconsciously learn to structure readable writing.
  • Read writers who have a style of their own. Syndicated columnists are a great source for interesting styles of writing.
  • Drink a Coke... the caffeine in a cup of coffee, tea or soda can help get your mood up for writing.
  • Read something motivational... get yourself ready to accomplish great things before you start.
  • Flip through Bartlett’s Book of Quotes... sometimes a great sales letter comes from a inspirational quote. Get a book of quotes and read a few pages right before you start writing.
  • Start... even when you can’t get everything just right, start writing. Sometimes you’ll discover the ideas begin to flow anyway.
  • Don’t stop... once you’ve got a good rhythm going with your writing, don’t stop until you have to. Get as many thoughts down as possible. Go as far as your energy will take you.
  • And most of all, keep in mind... you will edit whatever you write (at least once), so don’t worry about getting it wrong the first time through.

Source: 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets
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