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Doing SEO the Right Way and Get Growth in Traffic
Clearly, SEO is very simple if you really do it the right way. It only becomes complicated when you try to game the system and you end up getting Zero results and worse, you get penalized and banned by Google.

Once frustration sets in, you become vulnerable to get-results-quick schemes that almost always end up with you losing your shirt and wallet, and yet not getting any better than where you were before.

Google’s guidelines are very clear and easy to follow. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against software or any tool that will automate mundane tasks in SEO. In fact it would be foolish not to employ any sort of software to manage some of these tasks.

What Google does not like are is cloaking, spamming, keywords stuffing, and unnatural backlinking - any methods that attempts to game its algorithm.

More important than learning and doing SEO and looking for ways to get traffic, is the need for your continued communication with other webmasters, SEO professionals, entrepreneurs and marketers. Doing all of these alone can stunt your progress because you end up getting information overload and thus miss the new developments in SEO.

I invite you to join me in the VIP Membership of GrowOrganicTraffic and where you get the support you need to explode your traffic and gain traction in the search engines.

Gerry Lacuarta (GerryMedia) Toms River, NJ

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