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Efficiency Mechanisms & Quality Control
Content Indexing

There is really no real way to know in exactly how much time Google will INDEX your site content i.e. - its Search bots will crawl your site, acknowledge its presence and accordingly, give you a place in its SERPs.

However , keeping in mind that you are wanting to get each and every content you post, indexed by Google - there is something you should do to aid this process.

In your Wordpress dashboard, click on "Writing" from Settings. Then check these spots.

Then add the pinging sites which I have provided as a separate text file called "Sites to Ping" into your "Update Services" box. By doing this, every time you post an article, it will ping all these pinging sites automatically.

Checking your On Page SEO

Before we move onto Off Page SEO and backlinking, you should ideally use this tool called Traffic Travis (the latest version) in order to analyze your On Page SEO. I won't get into details of this since it is pretty easy and self explanatory. You can Google the tool and use its page analysis module to see where it grades your On Page SEO and whether there are any significant changes required.

Basically, once you get a clean chit on your On Page SEO, then you can move onto the next concept of ranking your site using backlinking methods and strategies.

Ad Block Placement Guidelines

Please do go through the Ad Block Placement guidelines for you Adsense Website. This is extremely important if you want to construct a site which does not get penalized by Google. The guidelines for Ad Block placement are made available for a reason and it is always better to play by the rules and expectations of Google. Here's the link to an article from Go through it in detail

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