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Fastest Domain Research Ever
So what we're going to do first is find a domain name that will be suitable for what we're going for. Before that I want you to think of something for a minute, what is an occupation or business that benefits the most off of just a few extra customers? Things that pop up into my head first are occupations such as:

• Dentists
• Car salesmen
• Boat salesmen
• Lawyers
• Realtors
• Restaurants
• Locksmiths
• Flooring
• Plumbers
• Handymen

These are just a few that come to mind, however it's nice to 6 have a much larger list to choose from if you really plan on expanding, so here's a few places I suggest looking for occupation ideas.

Business Directory

Both of these places have an awesome selection that should keep you busy for years to come. So for sake of example I'm going to go ahead and choose "Car Rentals". So what you do next is go into the folder provided called "Lists" and choose a list you want to use. I've included lists of all cities in the United States, list of all cities by population, Craigslist top cities, and major cities. So for this example I'm going to go ahead and use the top cities by population, because this would yield the best results as far as potential profit goes.

Open up one of the .txt documents in notepad and go to Edit -> Replace. In the "Find what" box put *

Then in the "Replace with" box put the keyword you were looking for and .com at the end. So for this example I would put in the "Replace with" box, then click on Replace 7 all and it will create a list of potential domain names for you, press ctrl+a to select the whole list and copy it.

Then head on over to GoDaddy’s Bulk Domain Checker and paste the list in there. You can check off .com and .net because both of those domains are top level so they both go for a good amount.

Let the checker do its thing and it'll give you a list of domains that are unavailable and at the bottom will be ones that are available. Now take the ones that are available and run them through Google’s Keyword Tool. What you're going to do is uncheck "Broad" and check "Exact" so you can do some exact match searches. Type in the domain names are the terms you're checking so for example these 4 were available:

So what we would do in this case is make keyword terms out of 8 those, such as "Nashville Davidson car rentals" and "north Hempstead car rentals", check out the exact match terms and if there's at least a couple thousand, you're going to want to go with that. However if you don't see any results you'll know that it would be a bad domain to invest in since there is no interest in that term. If that's the case, which it is unfortunately for these 4 domains, then you just want to use a different term or different cities/states to find one that has at least some search volume.

Once you've got a domain that's available with some decent search volume you're going to want to do 1 last check before we continue, head on over to YellowPages and search for that business in the area you chose. So for example if I wanted to use the domain I'd search for Car Rentals in Los Angeles, CA.

Make sure there's quite a few in the area because if you end up buying a domain for say Locksmiths in Santa Monica and there ends up only being a couple of Locksmiths, your chances at profiting will be next to nothing. So quantity is good in this case, you want there to be a lot.

When searching for Car Rentals in Los Angeles, there were 302 9 results, that means there are 302 businesses in the Los Angeles area that do Car Rentals, now think about this for a minute, out of all the car rental places in Los Angeles how many do you think would be interested in a domain that's on the first page of Google for the term "los angeles car rentals".

All I know is if I owned a car rental business in Los Angeles I would love to get my hands on that and get all of that extra traffic.

So go ahead if it all checks out move forward and grab the domain.

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