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Finding Content to Post: Some Extra Ideas
One of the questions I frequently get asked is how & where to find content revolving around a niche which you have chosen, but have no idea about.

Truthfully speaking, I can give you the same answer which most others give - PLR! Find PLR content and post it is the most common advice. But this is exactly why it is also a useless decision. Visitors which you even do end up pulling to your site will get put off by the fact that you have merely included the same things which they have seen over and over again on other websites, and will not even give a second look to your content, leave alone the possibility of them navigating across the Ad blocks and various sub-sections. All this leads to your website becoming one of those "All Talk" websites.

Also, I would want to make a mention here of the fact that sometimes grammatical errors and lack of creativity also restricts a lot of people from writing their own articles. I don't blame you a bit - frankly, I myself faced some problems like this when I began. Not because I wasn't a proficient reader or writer, but simply put - I had never done it earlier.

The solution to this problem is getting your article proofread by somebody else - it could be one of your friends, a confidante or a paid freelancer. This will also save you time and not to mention, the possibility of you being criticized by blog commenters.

So having kept all this in mind, let me take you through some quality sources for information which you can use to write your articles:


I will start by picking up the source which is least used - Youtube Videos! Trust me, there are some awesome videos on YouTube and you can go through them and jot down points which you can later collate into articles. One excellent outcome of using YouTube videos as a source, apart from the fact that there are gazillion videos pertaining to nearly every niche, is the fact that even if somebody else in the same niche as you, has used the same video as a point of reference, there will still be scope for unique content, because c'mon - not everybody interprets and pens down content in the same manner.

So just head to Youtube and in the "Search" bar, search for "Your Niche". Pick up a video and start writing.

Tip: You can outsource this as well. Simply pick out the YouTube videos you want to write your content on and head over to a and once you are registered and signed in, in the "search" box on the right hand side, type in "Transcribe" and hit the search button.

Basically, look for a gig wherein the person is agreeing to transcribe some video into text for you. Wasn't that simple?

News & Current Happenings

I don't really think I have a list of any kind here to share with you but what I can suggest is for you to go over the latest news happenings in your niche and post them as an article on your site, by basically rewording the original articles.

Additionally, once in a way, also cite the article you are borrowing the story from, at the wee end of the post. This should not be a problem since frankly, your only concern should be to just deliver quality content whilst staying within confines of Google's terms of service and general Internet etiquette.

Outsource Directly

This is one of the other things I do - asking somebody else to do the research for you as well as pen the article for a small amount. There are some excellent freelancer sites out there and all you need to do is register, sign in and look around a bit for people who write quality articles. Money is usually taken by these writers only when the job is completed satisfactorily, so the risk is very less on your part.

Some of the sites you can use are:

  • - This is the one I use the most. It is totally dedicated to article writing and you will find some awesome content writers here. Totally worth it! What's more, you will at the maximum be paying around $15 for a 700 word article. Look at the freelancer's reviews which he has received prior to hiring to make sure you don't go wrong.

  • - Need I say more? The most popular site there is when it comes to outsourcing today! All yours needs - right from written content to graphics, images, video transcribing etc. are fulfilled by the thousands of freelancers here. Also, on a side note, check out the "Gig Rating" and "Feedback" comments left back by previous employers to distinguish a good seller from a bad one.

  • - I have used Odesk freelancers for SEO & Web-designing amongst other things, but you can give it a try to find some article writers (there are many, just that I haven't tried them out!).

  • Warriors For Hire Section at the Warrior Forum - You can look for some article writing threads here. There are quite a few. Choose as per your requirements of delivery timeframe, budget and other parameters. Just a note here - make sure you assess the background of the writer carefully before hiring. Moroever, ask for samples of their work. If they refuse, do not hire because there several other fish in the sea of article writers.

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