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The most important step for you will be Flipping your website, because exactly this step will bring you profit. Flippa is a world's biggest online auction marketplace where people buy and sell websites. Several tens or even hundreds of sites are sold daily on this site. Flippa is the property of SitePoint Company with the headquarters in Australia. If you have an emergency and want to connect with support team, remember about time zones issue. Their support works during normal working hours (Sidney time) 5 days a week.

If you are interested in sales reports and statistics you can easily check it on the very bottom of the site's homepage. At this moment it looks like this:

Some people think it's a pile of dough, others think it's nothing special. It's up to you to decide whether Flippa deserves your attention. As for me, I think $993,667 a week is pretty much enough to try and grab yourself a chunk of it.

First of all, you need to create an account with All the process is explained here:

Try to give as many details as possible on you profile and don't forget to add your profile photo. People trust more to photos of real people than to any abstract images. After you have done you are ready to list your website.

If you list a website with traffic and profit, it is extremely important to share your stats with potential customers. So, you should add your stats to your listing (you will find a special option for this).

There are several selling techniques that Flippa sellers use in their work. Here they are:

1) Put your new sites for auction at the minimum bid ($1) with no reserve price. It means that even those who bid $1 can win it. It's not charity of course. By doing so you will attract more bidders. Very often there are real bloody battles for a site with 5-10 bidders involved. Such site can be sold for several hundreds of dollars. But such method comes with the risk because if your new site isn't interesting for buyers you can lose it for as little as $1-10. Unfortunately, there's no turning back if the site is sold.

2) This technique is actually the same as the previous one with only one difference - 1-2 days before the end of the auction you can buy a special update and make your listing "featured", i.e. it will appear on Flippa first page for 8-14 hrs. Thus, you minimize the risks of selling your site for pennies. Featuring option costs $50. Nonetheless, many sellers use this trick and as a rule it works perfectly.

3) As you know, there is a minimal bid for a site, say, $70 or $100. This is the lowest price you are ready to sell it for. Of course, such method reduces the number of bidders and lower the level of healthy competition, but this is a great way if you want to play safe. Losing your brainchild for a couple of bucks... it's a pity, isn't it?

It's up to you to decide on the tactics. As for me, I prefer the 3d one, although opt for the 2d from time to time as well. I don't use the 1st strategy, but that's all about my personal preferences and trading style. There are lots of folks who make tons of money with it. The next important point you should dwell upon is the duration of the auction. I sell lots of new sites, that's why I set the minimal 3 days duration.

Until you can sell 20 sites per week, you'd better just follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure your auction is finished in the daytime or in the evening (EST).

2. It's good if the auction time covers weekend, too, because some people use Flippa during the working days, and others use it on weekends only. So, if you put the site up for auction on Monday, let it last 6-7 days to cover the wider audience. If you do it on Thursday, 4-5 days are enough.

3. Besides, you'd better stay online even when the auction is about to finish. Believe me, there will be folks who might have questions about your site, so if you'll be there to help them and answer their questions, your chances for higher winning bid will grow.

4. When you work on Flippa remember one simple truth: people don't just purchase sites there, they INVEST in them. So it's a good idea to communicate with clients as if they were the investors. They don't give a shit about site's content or design. All they do care about is site's potential. If your sites are potentially profitable you won't have any difficulties with sales.

5. It is easy to sell sites on Flippa because you don't have to fob your customers off with something they don't want to buy. Consequently, there's no need in hyping or any aggressive marketing. Flippa is crowded with interested clients who are ready to buy things. All you need to do is offer them what they want.

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