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Getting Loads of Traffic (targeted)

In the screenshot above, you can see that a Blogger blog I created in 2011 has generated more than a million page views from only 10 posts and the last post was in August 2011. This was mostly search engine traffic and I was able to rank the blog for a very obscure keyword using the ranking methods I mentioned in Chapter 5.

A good placement in Google and other search engines can guaranteed a good stream of traffic, but it’s not the only way.

Use the Guides in the “Methods” folder to implement the ways to get traffic outside of the search engines.

■ Press Releases
■ Video Marketing
■ Article Marketing
■ Guest Blogging
■ Social Media

One method that was touched upon by Patrick Batty in his report A Different Path (in the BonusModules folder) is list building. I would highly recommend that you build a list from your site traffic because it’s one of the sure ways that you can bring traffic to your site without the intervention of a search engine. A simple email to your list everytime you make a new blog post can generate instant traffic at the press of the Send Mail button.

Repeat traffic is likewise important because you can depend on repeat traffic to create the revenue and traffic traction for your site. To get repeat traffic, I highly recommend creating a forum for your site. A forum not only build repeat traffic but also bolsters the site’s authority in the eyes of Google (and its human reviewers). A forum also allows you to leverage other people (forum) members to create content for you (user generated content).

I run a forum with 100,000 members in the entertainment and technology niche and everytime I promote a new site on the forum ( I can do that because I own the forum), I get instant traffic, I get people Liking the Facebook page that I promote and view the YouTube video that I share).

To kickstart a forum, you should be willing to spend time on it and post the initial topics. Then get the forum’s RSS feed and add the feed to your Wordpress frontpage using the RSS Widget. If you use Drupal, simple activate the Forum module and you can get started right away.

Here’s a tip: Instead of always posting good stuff on your blog, post it inside your forum and require visitors to register and make at least 5 posts to get to the level where they can view exclusive content. Take a look at this site which ranks #1 for dog training:

This site, although its domain name is odd-looking with hyphens, has tons of content and more importantly, it has a forum. People who visit the forum on a regular basis translates to more traffic to the site, which translates to a higher Alexa rating and thus more traction in the search engines.

For this very competitive keyword, I am sure that after the Panda and Penguin updates, this site underwent human review by Google and has passed it.

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