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No doubt blog commenting works wonders for your link building portfolio, but what is more effective is to get a backlink from the main blog post itself and not the comments section. This is effected through guest blogging.

Guest blogging is gaining rapid recognition in the realm of backlinking since links from main blog posts carry much more link juice than the ones coming from the comments section -primarily because these are perceived as editorial links.

People are usually sceptical about guest blogging because they feel that blog owners will not be receptive to them - this is not true! If you have something relevant to contribute to a blog which operates in your niche, and moreover you approach the blog owner in a correct manner, then why on earth would someone not welcome good content with open arms! So basically - the content you write needs to be the best quality possible (no outsourcing here!)

An excellent place to search for blog owners who are looking out actively for guest bloggers is (FREE)

Moreover, you can use Google Search using certain footprints to look for blogs having a provision for the same. In fact, even by using the footprints we use for blog commenting, once you find blogs relevant to your niche, you can contact webmasters of the ones you wish and offer to write a guest blog post. Nonetheless, in the separate text files, I will be including these footprints as well.

Also, keep in mind that guest blogging is a little more manual and difficult to automate. So it should be remembered that good guest blogging can serve as a differentiating factor between you and a lot of others.

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