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How to Build a New Site
This is very similar to recovering a new website from oblivion. The advantage with a new site is that it isn't tainted yet! So even though you may be competing with older sites that have more backlinks, if those backlinks are spammy or all have the same anchor texts- you might beat it in the SERPs.

So when you build new sites, here's what I recommend:

1. Build a site with a brand-able, easy-to-remember name. People probably won't remember something like "" as easily as they'd remember "" or something like that.

Remember that you want to build a solid business- not just a search engine optimized site. You're going to be driving traffic from EVERYWHERE- and telling people to go to "" just doesn't look as good.

2. Drive traffic through your backlinks. The old school method of backlinking was to find websites that Google knew about it people didn't necessarily look at very much. Forum profiles, Ezinearticles, etc.

Those just don't work as well as they used to. Instead, you have to put backlinks where people are hanging out. Write guest blog posts on authority niches then link back to your website. Put up some good videos and create a YouTube channel- again, linking to your site. Write quality articles and get them syndicated across the web.

Google doesn't want to just see that you have quality backlinks. They also want to see traffic coming through those links. That makes your site look popular, so they rank it higher in the SERPs.

3. Vary your anchor text. Since you're just starting out, this will be very easy to do. Use keywords that are similar to the main one you're going for, but not the exact same. At least, not all the time.

So if you're targeting the keyword "how to get your boyfriend back", you can use keywords like

get your boyfriend back, how to get your man back, get your boyfriend back fast, win back your boyfriend, win your boyfriend back, etc.

By doing this, you don't look nearly as spammy to Google. You're still saying the same thing (so people will click through to your site), but you are doing it in a more natural, legit way.

4. Build links with increasing velocities. By that I mean that you start slow- a few links a day- and quickly increase it.

A lot of the SEO pros swear more by link velocity than quantity or quality. They say that as long as you are following what looks like a natural pattern, Google will love you for it.

So for example, maybe for the first week you put up 3-5 links a day. The next week, you put up 5-7. The next week it can be 7-13 per day. Then you just keep increasing it, until the point that you are building dozens or even hundreds per day.

**Note that this doesn't work as well for older sites with tons of backlinks already. Google has already seen your link velocities bounce all over the place, so it'll be harder to get this to work quite right.

5. Use social networking sites from the get-go. Facebook, Pinterest, reddit, Twitter- all of these things build solid backlinks to your website. You can drive traffic through them and it makes your site appear as an authority.

Plus if you get some loyal fans, it is VERY easy for them to share your site of fan page on Facebook and Twitter! Meet them where they're at- that's the name of the game.

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