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How to Recover Your Website from Oblivion
If these updates have killed your current websites, there are a few things you should do:

1. Start driving traffic from other places- i.e. YouTube, document sharing sites, press releases, **real** blog comments, guest posts, and article syndication. Paid traffic can't hurt either (it doesn't have to be hundreds of clicks per day)

Remember that Google likes popular, high quality websites. If your site is getting visitors from all over the internet, that looks a lot better to Google. And before you start thinking that "Google can't see everything", remember that Google owns YouTube. It sees when people click from YouTube to your site. or, when they don't.

2. Look at your site's bounce rates. Are they extremely high? If so, add some videos for visitors to watch. Make your articles longer and more engaging. Put tools on there for them to play with.

The key here is to do everything you can to make your visitors stay longer. The longer they're reading your site/watching your videos, the more Google will think "oh, people do like the stuff on this site". Go for high quality content, not just quantity.

3. If possible, change the anchor text of your incoming backlinks. Since this usually isn't possible, greatly vary the anchor text coming in from here on out. Use similar keywords, but don't keep using your main keyword every single time.

As mentioned earlier, this just looks more natural. If a bunch of bloggers are linking to something on your site, what are the chances that they're all going to use your main keyword as their anchor text? Extremely low, a.k.a. it doesn't look natural, a.k.a. don't do it.

4. From now on- diversify, diversify, diversify. You want to drive traffic through quality backlinks from multiple sources with varying anchor texts. That's the name of the game with SEO from here on out.

And you know that? This kind of SEO is going to be rock solid for a long, long time. As the internet changes, it will constantly be battling spam. You don't want to be a spammy looking, over-optimized website. Instead you want to look like a solid, helpful site that visitors LOVE, keep coming back to, and sharing with their friends and family.

5. To keep visitors on your site a lot longer, do plenty of internal linking between pages and posts. Wikipedia does this, and it makes it MUCH easier to find what you're looking for at times.

So for example, let's say that you have an article talking about how to train a German Sheperd how to sit. Well if you also wrote an article explaining how to train your German Sheperd to fetch, you should link to that! The person may be interested in reading that, too.

6. Hop on the social networking bandwagon. Facebook and Twitter are the big ones, but you can use reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest and more. Since the internet keeps moving towards the social aspect, go with the trend!

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