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Ideas for Creating Polyvore Sets to Illustrate Your Blog Posts
Image Sets

Create a holiday wishes page for your blog. A Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Mother's Day, etc. Assemble colors, products, quotes, etc. that invoke the feeling of this holiday. Then post that image on your blog, and then create a Pinterest Pin for it.

Create a "what you need" image. Do you run an informational site on yoga? Create an “Anatomy of a Hot Yoga Bag" set like this one: This creates the powerful combination of providing the information that your website visitors are seeking with a compelling visual image to accompany your blog entry. The image will also log at Polyvore so engine searchers may find your image on Polyvore first and then find their way to your site.

Simple inspiration. Going back to our local running store example, you could mock up a set showing running sneakers, sunrises and positive words of encouragement to stick to that early morning training regime.

Food and Recipe Blogs. Let's say this summer you are doing a whole write up on watermelon recipes. What better way to introduce the blog entry than with a brightly colored set of watermelon images. You can stick to images of actual watermelons, or you can get creative and include the images Polyvore suggests that you had never thought of: watermelon mojitos, watermelon jewelry pendants, watermelon colored clothing, kids purses designed as watermelon....on and on. Your website viewers get a bright splash of watermelon-inspired imagery and you get an exciting and unique graphic for your site.

Emotion. Just finished your self-help blog entry on anger? Create a quick set including an Angry Birds t-shirt and lots of arrows and red symbols.

Color. Your website promotes travel in New England? Create a fall colored set. Blocks of autumn colors, leaves, white steeple churches, bottles of maple syrup

Seasons. Polyvore is chock full of seasonal imagery.

  • You sell pool chlorine? How about a summer/pool season kick-off: create a set centered by a model floating in a pool.
  • Mom blog? Back to school is a Polyvore dream. Lunchboxes, school buses, Hello Kitty school supplies, pencils, backpacks...imagery galore.

Party ideas

  • Kids Birthday: Create a cake, add a candle on top, put the number of the age of the child on top (great for 1st Birthday party ideas.) Add themed imagery: baby giraffes, Thomas the Train, Disney Princess, Peter Rabbit etc.
  • Adult Birthdays: Huge 4-0 in the center surrounded my Martinis and party hats.
  • Halloween Parties: Every Halloween costume store online is linked up to Polyvore. You have access to all Halloween imagery that you can possibly need.

Top 10 Lists

Bucket lists, place to visit lists, favorite things lists...all can be visually accentuated with a Polyvore set.

Did you know that you can add album covers to your sets?

And your favorite book covers? Create a top 10 best reads of summer entry for your blog, and then create an accompanying Polyvore set of those book covers.

Create a list of your Favorite Things to do in Winter - add a cute wool hat, skis, book, cup of hot chocolate and a cozy fireplace scene.

Rainy Day Activities with Children? Whip up a quick set displaying Legos, Crayola markers, and images of children painting masks (search “animal masks" under all under a huge children's umbrella.

Gift ideas. Create gorgeous sets of baby gear and spring colored umbrellas for a baby shower. Plates and happy smiling young women for a bridal shower..

Non-image "Sets"

It is also possible to create a collage using no images at all, or very few. Use the tools below to create endless messages and visual effects.

Polyvore offers the following embellishments that one can use to enhance image collages, or to create non-image collages:

People & Print, Background, Text, Music, Colors, Frames & Borders, Magazine Articles, Symbols and Numbers, Effects & Textures and Patterns & Overlays.

The following mock up is an example of the types of things you can do using the above embellishments. It is modeled after a real Polyvore set, I just sketched a quick replica to avoid copyrighting issues with the fonts and symbols I used.

This image could be used to promote a Green Business (5 Changes One Could Make to Lead a Greener Lifestyle) or a Healthy Eating Blog to encourage eating more vegetables.

Of course you can create much more interesting boards than this, I just need to stay away from displaying actual Polyvore sets since they contain copyrighted images of products that I do not have the right to display here.

Below is one excellent example of a non-product image that could be posted on a blog or website. This is a beautiful Earth Day-related set promoting recycling:

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