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Important Tips for Businesses Using Pinterest
An Unknown Tip about Pinterest's Default Settings

Pinterest's default setting is to hide your profile from the search engines. That means if someone is looking for your business, or the products that your business is promoting on Pinterest, they won't be able to find your pinboards with a search engine search. If you sell petrified banana peels and someone searches for that rare term, you want to make sure your pinboard comes up for them in their search. They will find and then look at your gorgeous board, become intrigued and then click through to your website.

Here's how to change the setting:

Under your name and picture (if you added one) in the upper right hand corner, choose Settings from the drop down menu. Switch the hide button from "off" to "on" by dragging over the button just like your hand is flipping the switch.

The Importance of Keywords

Just as it is important to sprinkle your website or blog with keywords so that the search engines can find you, the same goes for the description you give your pin.

Pinterest users often have an idea of what kind of pins they are looking for. They can find those pins anywhere online, or they can search Pinterest itself for an image to "repin."

If they are exploring Pinterest's site for an already pinned image, they will enter a search term into the upper left hand corner. You will need to anticipate their search words and incorporate those terms smoothly into your pin description.

Avoid just listing a bunch of keywords. Pinterest is still for enjoyment, and all business promotion should remain subtle or users will sniff it out and not be responsive.

Let's say you have an online store that sells yoga gear and you are posting a yoga mat to your “Sacred Space" board.

It is tempting to write something fun like this as your pin description:

Picture Here

The problem with this description is that no searcher will be able to find it. This description contains no keywords that indicate what is pictured.

Let's assume what a searcher might be searching for and add those keywords creatively into the description.

Picture Here

Or maybe even add in a little more. “I dream of a luxury yoga mat like this. Maybe a Manduka ProLite for my birthday, anyone?"

Blend a combination of:

1. Specific keywords to describe what is actually featured in the pin. Use brands and product type here, such as “Manduka yoga mat."

2. General keywords related to what searchers might be seeking, such as “luxury yoga mat." Use other keywords that you know to be important and profitable for your site.

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