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Introduction to Polyvore
What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is another fun way for creative girls can get addicted online.

True, but the real purpose of Polyvore is to create visual collages online. It is mostly a fashion site where users create and then share fashion collages. Once a new collage is shared on one's Polyvore profile or website, viewers might be enticed to click through and buy the products they see pictured in the collage.

A Polyvore creator is given a blank canvas in which she can drag any number of shirts, pants, purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc. to create a unique collage depicting her "dream outfit."

She can then embellish her collage with different texturing, color backgrounds, text, newspaper clippings, arrows and you name it.

She'll save it and publish it on her Polyvore profile for the world to see. Polyvore also provides the html coding in an easy cut and paste format so that she can post the image on her site. This is great for all the companies who are depicted in the collage because they are getting free promotion.

This is also great for the collage maker because she is getting free original and relevant content for her website.

Why Polyvore?

Using Polyvore enables a blogger or website creator to add endless visual creations to her website.

Alternatively, buying copyright free stock photos can be a tedious, costly and bland way to add image content to your site. The other option for creating your own visual material - creating your own images using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator - can seem daunting for the non-artistic blogger.

With Polyvore, one has access to legal, free, and visually pleasing creations. The options are infinite and anyone who can click and drag can create gorgeous "sets."

And Polyvore is hot right now. In February 2012 alone, according to a March '12 report on, Polyvore added 2 million monthly unique users.

As far as images on blogs, Polyvore is still a unique look. Most people hadn't yet heard of Polyvore until they saw really cool fashion sets that they were repinning on Pinterest. Using Polyvore to create "sets" that go far beyond fashion seems to be a very fresh and very new idea.

You are reading this eBook at a great time. Congratulations to you and your site for having found this information. We are yet to see the power of Pinterest and Polyvore online, and you are on the front end of the wave.

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