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Keyword Research continued - Traffic Keywords
Why do have another Keyword Research module?

The answer to that is really simple - all this while you have used the niches you have to only figure out high paying keywords! That's great so far but..

What about looking for keywords which are going to drive traffic to your site - from an SEO perspective? If there is no traffic, your website creation process is an absolute waste of time.

Understand this one thing before we proceed - there is barely anyway that we can rank for the high paying keywords we have chosen in the previous module. Reason - there is likely to be extreme SEO completion and I don't know about you, but whilst I am reasonably good at SEO - I am no SEO Guru who is confident of pulling in traffic and ranking all my adsense websites for such keywords which are already well beyond the saturation stage. There are literally goliaths going after these keywords and we surely cannot afford to do the same.

I will now reveal to you what I exactly do for my Adsense Websites so that they do get traffic, whilst at the same time benefiting from having high CPC keywords placed in Adblocks across my site.

1) Head over to the Google Keyword tool, login and key in the niche phrase we are already working on i.e. the original niche phrase [example]

2) On the left hand side, check the "Phrase Match" option. This is done so that we still assess the potential of unearthing linked phrases within our results which will show up.

3) Sort the results based on Competition by clicking the "Competition tab"

4) Look at anything which receives anything more than 100 searches a month.

(Please do not consider this as a lowly estimate because there are other associated keyword phrases which we will get traffic through as well. This is not it!)

In the above image, I have circled the ones which fit the 'more than 100 criteria' but only the underlined keywords are relevant to 'data recovery'. So if we are targeting "data recovery denver" then ideally we will try and rank our site only for these keywords. BAM -That's how we do optimized traffic keyword research!

So that's one way I have come across keywords which will be useful in driving traffic to my site. The good thing about this method is that you are likely to come across certain keyword phrases which not only have traffic linked to them, but also have decent to moderate CPCs. Isn't that awesome?


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