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Learn the SEO Process
I found that learning about Search Engine Optimization was kind of tough for me, because I didn’t have an idea of what the entire process was like. I did not go through a formal training on SEO; I was more like the “learn as you do” guy.
I implemented then tested and tracked; based on the results, I would repeat what worked and avoid what didn’t. Also I tried other methods like using software to automate some tasks and also subscribed to some SEO linking services to see for myself if they really worked. You cannot really call yourself an expert till you’ve tried all solutions.

Much like a soldier who’s been battle tested and scarred, I’ve been to many battlefronts.
But of course I knew I had to learn from SEO professionals so I turned to tutorials specially for those topics that were confusing to me, like Pagerank, keyword density, etc.

The biggest lesson I learned about SEO, which I want to share with you, can be found in the image below...

Yes, that is correct!

The aim of SEO and traffic generation is not simply to drive hordes of visitors to your site.

SEO and traffic generation requires SETTING GOALS FIRST!

The most common goals of traffic and SEO are:

■ Build a mailing list of subscribers
■ Build a database of prospects
■ Generate sales and revenue
■ Attract clients
■ Increase readership
■ Increase ad revenues
■ Increase affiliate revenues
■ Build a social following
■ Establish a brand, among other things.

If you want a snapshot of SEO then check out these handy infographics:
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