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Linking Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 is the term applied to a broad range of companies and websites that want to make information sharing and communication easier across the globe.

Since its inception, web developers and online marketers have looked for ways to exploit these open channels. The primary use of open communication and information sharing is the ability to direct traffic from one of these popular sites to your business or personal site.

This works because the interconnectivity of these platforms, search engines are able to feast on the pages contained within. This explains the success of social networking sites and bookmarking sites for driving traffic.

Another element, which is separate from these sites and from article submission sites is the use of blogging platforms. Now, many website packages come with a blogging platform, but ones limited to your site only are not interconnected enough. However, modern packages usually include direct access to essentially unlimited Wordpress platforms. You can also add other sites such as blogger to build your overall page rank.

The best means of boosting your site’s rank, and therefore driving traffic, is to create a link wheel. Imagine this wheel as something of the above. In it you will see several of the sites you will have already have begun working on or have thought about working on (depending whether you read the whole way through first or, like me, get stuck in from page one).

In order to create a basic link wheel do the following:
1. Create several articles on a similar topic.
2. Create blog posts on the same topics.
3. Submit the articles to a range of article topic sites.
4. Backlink each blog and article back to your main site.
5. Link each article or blog to one other article or blog, but do not create a reciprocal link, which is a link that goes two-ways.

It is important that the links do not go back and forth, i.e. are two-way links, because two-way links are frowned upon by search engines, whereas one-way links are seen as having far more worth.

The link wheel interlinks a whole range of blogs and media outlets to your central website. It takes advantage of the page ranks and these sites magnetic ability to drive traffic to them and then funnels that traffic to your website too.

I have compiled a list of 50 high PR do-follow Web 2.0 links. You can get access to this list here.

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