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Prerequisite: Set Your Site Up The Right Way
The first thing you need to do is make sure your site is set up the right way to take advantage of all the traffic that will (hopefully) be coming your way.

You need to make sure each page or post is capable of generating revenue, able to turn visitors into subscribers or Facebook fans, and is easily “shareable” so that it can take off virally.

1. Make Sure Each Page Or Post Is Capable Of Generating Revenue

There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up in the morning to see that one of your blog posts has, for some reason, had a massive traffic surge but the blog post in question had absolutely no monetization on it.

This happened a few times to me before I started using Adsense. Now I have Google Ads set up on each page and post so I know it doesn’t matter which blog post “takes off”, I’ll always earn some income.

I also try to include at least one Amazon affiliate link (if relevant) in each blog post so that if a blog post gets a traffic surge then this will be reflected in my Amazon affiliate earnings when I check the next day.

Don’t flood your blog with ads since this will significantly reduce your ability to steal visitors from other people’s fan pages, but make sure each blog post is capable of generating revenue.

2. Make Sure Each Page Or Post Is Able To Turn Visitors Into Fans & Subscribers

If a Facebook fan page sends you a surge of traffic, you’ll want to capture as many of those visitors into email subscribers and Facebook fans. That way you can continue to send them back to your site - and you can also sell to them via email.

Make sure you have an email opt-in form on every single one of your pages preferably offering a free product in exchange for a visitors email address. This can go in the sidebar so that it is shown on every single blog post.

You’ll also want to turn visitors into Facebook fans. This is important because a Facebook fan page can give you incredible leverage - as you’ll see later in this report.

I grow my fans in three main ways.

First, install the Facebook Social Plug-In in your blog sidebar. You can get all the details of that at:

Here’s what it looks like placed in the sidebar of my blog.

Secondly, and the main way I get new Facebook fans from my blog, is I put a line of text at the start of each blog post like this...

New here? Like RevitaliseYourHealth on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts and take part in our fun, games, competitions and giveaways.

I do this manually, but if you have a lot of archived blog posts that you’d like to apply this to then install the What Would Seth Godin Do Wordpress plug-in.

You can get that for free here:

My third strategy for growing my Facebook fan base is this.

Recently, I have developed a new, quite clever strategy, to get more Facebook fans. This method enabled me to get 400+ new fans in just 48 hours.

I recently published a post titled: 25 Magical Things To Make With Coconut Oil (I’ll talk more about this post later and how I generated over 10,000 visitors to this post in just five days).

At the end of the post I ran a very simple competition. I offered three readers the chance to win a tub of coconut oil. All they had to do was like my page on Facebook and then leave a comment on the blog stating their full name as it appears on Facebook. At time of writing, after five days of the post being live there have been 212 comments - but I know lots of other people have liked my page without leaving a comment.

3. Make Sure Each Post Is Easily “Shareable”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about blog traffic generation in the last few months is that, if you have your blog set up right, traffic breeds traffic.

I know that if a Facebook fan page links to me and sends me 1,000 visitors directly that that’s not all the traffic I’ll get because those visitors will also share on Facebook, and Pinterest, and Twitter, and post about me in forums or on other blogs.

You can increase the amount of traffic that you get from your own visitors by making your content more “shareable”.

I use a very simple plug-in called “Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share” that works wonders for increasing the sharing on my blog. I set it to display before my blog post and after my blog post and a lot of my visitors use these buttons to publish my content to their social media accounts - especially Pinterest.

You can get the plug-in for yourself at:

Now that you hopefully have your blog set up in the right way to maximize all the traffic you will receive, it’s time to start getting massive traffic from Facebook.

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