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Ranking on Page 1 of Google
This is probably the most important chapter in this report and for good reason: You want to be on Page 1 of Google if you want to get free targeted traffic.

But the biggest question is: HOW?

Surprisingly, there is no single definite answer to that. I’ve been able rank my sites and my clients’ sites for the #1 position or at least in the top 10 position of Google through a combination of various methods: quality content, long tail keyword targeting, high power backlinks, backlink volume and viral methods.

Here are the STEPS of the METHOD that work for me:

Create engaging Content!

For every page that you want to rank, write engaging content with images and video. Make it interesting. Do not post the typical 500-word article produced by article writing farms and avoid PLR (or rewrite it). Do not write in a boring way. Make it personal and feel free to include a story.

Use bold, italics, boxes, call outs, bullets, etc. Remember: Google has human reviewers.

TRICK: Include two videos to make the visitor stay on the page longer.

The longer visitors stay on your web page, the more interested they are in what you have to say or to offer. This is what they call page stickiness -- readers stay glued and they also keep coming back.

A crucial element of a sticky page is high-quality content -- one that is very unique, useful, informative and good looking. Google or search engines are using the time-spent indicator to measure how long people stay on web sites.

The longer visitors stay on your web page, the more interested they are in what you have to say or to offer. This is what they call page stickiness -- readers stay glued and they also keep coming back.

Target a long tail keyword instead of a very competitive one.

Create many pages targeting lots of long tail keywords, rather than killing yourself targeting a keyword that does not have a “clear intention” (For example, a client of mine was insistent on ranking #1 for the word “airbrush”, but the keyword does not mean anything. I convinced him to target “clear intent” keywords like “buy airbrush” “airbrush reviews” “learn to airbrush”, etc.

Bookmark the page on social bookmarking sites and social discovery sites.

Use services like and SocialAdr to automate the bookmarking and social sharing of your content.

Create a Youtube video with a backlink to your target page.

Use Animoto to create a quick video with images and some text

Link the page from a blogger blog

(create a Blogger blog with its own quality content and use it as a launching pad to create initial backlinks to your new content”

Link the page from two Pagerank 1 pages, and a PageRank 2 pages.

I cannot explain this but it always works (they call this link juice). Where do you get these Pagerank links? I don’t suggest buying those PR links that are just spammed blog posts. Instead, develop your own pagerank site (it takes time but it’s worth it). Once you have your own stable of sites that have page rank, you can pass link juice to any new page on your network. (Tip: You can start by buying an expired domain with pagerank and immediately build content on it. The content should be related to the domain’s previous content. Look it up at the Wayback Machine.

Try to get a link from a Wikipedia page, if you can and only if appropriate

If you are using Wordpress, use a page as a static frontpage.

Iinclude the recent posts widget in the sidebar. (see this sample:

If your website is new, do not litter it with ads when you launch. Create quality content, then monetize when you get traffic. You can place some ads of reputable brands to make your site look credible and professional. (you can get these from Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Amazon, or Linkshare).Believe it or not, although people do not click ads all the time, they love looking at them . Weird.

Then you should also ask yourself: What are you going to do with the traffic once you hit #1 or the Page 1 of Google?

I must admit that often this is where most people fail, including me on some occasions.

I’m #1 for some keywords but my site is not ready to accept the traffic. It has no conversion plan. When the visitor lands on my page, after reading the content that Google recommended and awarded with a top ranking, what happens next?

Should I just let the visitor leave, or should I keep him on my site and do another action?

Ranking #1 in Google is useless and futile if you don’t have a plan for funneling that traffic.

Here are some recommendations:

■ Encourage the visitor to leave a comment or contact you to leave his information
■ Encourage sign ups to a newletter or mailing list
■ Encourage a “Like” or +1 on Facebook and Google Plus
■ Encourage sharing if your content on social networks
■ Encourage the visitor to buy or try your product or service, if you are selling

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