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Report #12: Four Easy Steps To Defuse Arguments With Clients
A client can take offense to a number of things when it comes to doing business with you. Whether it be the actual product, your prices, or your customer service, some clients just find things to gripe about. And you can’t ignore their complaints. Instead, acknowledge their problem and defuse the situation by:

1. Thanking them. Thank him/her for their comment, even if it was expressed in an impolite manner. Try to remember that their attack is not personal, and it’s best that you don’t treat it that way. Keep your composure and remain cool.

2. Starting your phrase with “Let me see if I understand you completely.” Then restate the person’s complaint. This will do two things. First of all, it gives the person a chance to calm down. And secondly, it shows the client that you are truly listening and taking their concerns seriously.

3. Finding at least one thing in their complaint that you can agree with. Regardless of how unfounded their complaint is in your mind, you should pick out one major point that you can agree with. Then, build your rebuttal on that point. For instance: “Well, Mr. Harris, I can certainly understand you being upset about delivery being late. I will personally make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Now, about your other concerns...” This lets them know that you are not defensive about the situation, and you would rather help solve their problem than make excuses.

4. Solving the problem. The only reason a client picks a fight in the first place is to let you know that they have a problem. It’s your job to play along and solve that problem. Remember, this is your chance to turn a negative situation into a positive one and actually gain your client’s loyalty.

Source: 15 Secret, Money Making Reports!
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