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Report #5: The Power Of Mastery
I am about to tell you how to add $25,000.00, $50,000.00, maybe $100,00.00 a year to your yearly income - without spending even a penny more on advertising or marketing.

A few months ago, Michael was one of about 100 folks who attended my Marketing & Moneymaking Super conference here in Phoenix. He participated as an expert panelist, of course, but also as a ‘student’ - proving that “school is never out for the pro.” Anyway, one of our featured guest speakers was Michael Vance, who worked side-by-side with Walt Disney for a number of years. As I was listening to Mike, I made a mental note to start talking about a Walt Disney quote about marketing that I used to use a lot. This quote directly responds to what Michael asked me to write about this month: why you should master the “art” of doing the Printing Audit.

What Walt Disney said about Marketing is:

“Do what you do so well - and so uniquely - that people can’t resist telling others about you.”

In every field, there are “masters”. People just so darned good at what they do that people are compelled to tell others about them. Mike Vance is that kind of speaker, and there are darned few in that category. Actors like Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro. The salesman I buy my cars from, Bill Glazner, at Sanderson Ford here in Phoenix - he puts every other car guy I’ve ever seen to shame. There are a couple chiropractors I know who put on such a great “report of findings” (their equivalent of the Printing Audit) that they enjoy 100% conversions and can easily sell large dollar “pre-pays.” There’s a shoe-shine guy at the Atlanta Airport who still rubs wax in by hand, snaps the towel with authority, slaps the leather, makes the brush sing. And this is important: these people are “master performers.” They are not just masters at whatever technical thing they do, they are masters at presentation.

So, here’s a very simple, very practical question: after you finish a client’s first job, do they -without any prodding from you - rush to the phone, call an associate, and tell them about the amazing print job they just had done? Are the first words out of their mouth to the next person they see about you? Is your presentation that good?

If it is, here’s the economic impact: your need to invest money in acquiring new customers will diminish over time as your business converts to being 100% referral driven. This means you can take all the money you now spend on advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. and put it into your pocket instead. This means you will have more people calling and waiting in line for you than you have time, because each client will multiply. This even means you can tell Michael to blow it out his ear! “Mastery of Presentation” can quite easily be worth an extra $50,000.00 to $200,000.00 or even more to you each year you remain in this business. (Bank it all at even modest interest and in just five years you can retire a cash millionaire.)

To get that good, you must dedicate yourself to doing so: I’ve always been impressed with the late Yul Brenner, who performed the “King and I” a record number of times on Broadway - and still rehearsed his lines, gestures and facial expressions everyday, before every performance, right up until his last one. How many times have you written out your own, complete first on-site visit script word for word? Recorded it and listened to it on tape? Role-played it with family or mastermind group members? Practiced in front of a mirror? Ever? This month? (Well, who has the time to do all that, for crissakes? I’ve got a business to run here. And by the time I get home at day’s end, I’m too exhausted to do anything like that.)

Get this: I can predict your future bank balances if I know what you read, what you listen to, what educational functions you attend, who you hang out with and what you work on (practice) regularly. Oh, and years ago, Joe Karbo wrote this wonderful ad headline: are you too busy making a living to make.

Source: 15 Secret, Money Making Reports!
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