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RSS Feed Submissions
What is RSS Feed Submission?

RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication". It is a manner of notifying search engines of changes that have happened to your web content. RSS aggregator sites allow you to submit your RSS feeds to them - this will alert these sites that there has been some activity in your webpages. Now, since Google frequently crawls these aggregator sites, the Google Spiders will eventually work their way to your content from these sites.The main point here is that this content which we are referring to should be having your link(s) within it. So essentially, RSS is an excellent indexing strategy - not a backlinking strategy.

Automation is the website tool which I recommend. There is a monthly fee associated with it - but it will not be much if you are considering doing some serious backlinking for your website. Moreover, the last thing you want is to build content with backlinks relentlessly, only to find out that because you fell short on this front, your links never got indexed!

Now, when it comes to which package to choose, you can either choose the FREE or the BASIC package based on your requirements. The PRO package is meant for people doing SEO at an advanced level. There is really nothing to explain about automating RSS feed submission with this tool. Everything is explained in detail on the website. RSS feed submission in my opinion is the simplest of all the things I have spoken about so far.

( homepage snapshots included on the following page)

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