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SEO Tactics - They are not created equal
SEO Tactics can be grouped into 4: Low Value Blackhat, High Value Blackhat, Low Value Whitehat and High Value Whitehat

Low Value Blackhat - these are tactics that are frowned upon by the search engines and at the same time do not provide high value in terms of long term SEO benefits. Included are:

■ Reciprocal Link Trading
■ Automated Content Generation (autoblogs)
■ Keyword Stuffing
■ Automated Blog Spam (comments)

High Value Blackhat - these are tactics that are frowned upon by the search engines and the mainstream SEO community but may offer more value in terms of SEO.

■ Do Follow Blog Comments (if spammed, it’s blackhat)
■ Paid Directory Link Building (Google does not recommend paid links)
■ IP Cloaking
■ Injected Links (hacking realm)
■ Parasite Hosting -- creating pages on high authority sites (Digg, .edu sites, social news sites) with the aim of increasing traffic to a target website/webpage

Low Value Whitehat - Low value whitehat tactics are accepted by the search engines and the mainstream SEO community, but provide lower value in terms of increasing traffic and improving search engine rankings for the reason that they are too common and they do not really involve doing much work other thank blindly placing links all over the web.

■ Spam Reporting Competitors
■ Meta Keywords
■ DMOZ/Yahoo Submission
■ Search Engine Submission
■ Wikipedia Links
■ Press Release Submission

High Value Whitehat - these are tactics that if done and done right, would provide the most benefits to a target webpage or website

■ XML Sitemap Creation
■ Vertical Search Targeting/Inclusion
■ Internal Link Structure
■ Rewriting Dynamic URLs
■ Pagerank Sculpting
■ Keyword Research
■ On-page Optimization
■ Embedded Widgets and Badges
■ Viral Content/Linkbait

In Google Piranha, I will discuss and recommend only High Value Whitehat tactics and a few Low Value Whitehat tactics, not only because they are whitehat, but because these are the same tactics that I’ve used to rank my own site and get organic referral traffic from other sources.

I will discuss each tactic in a chapter of its own.

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