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Step 1: Choosing Products To Promote
You are not going to write hundreds of pages of product reviews at first.

You will first start out by promoting small number of highly searched products within a niche that you choose to promote.

Even though you will earn money by having few products on your site, you will slowly grow into authority site over time in your niche by adding more products and information articles which you will learn later.

Your first step is to find the right products in the right niche. There are tons of product ideas you can come up with using Amazon's directory. The more you're interest in particular niche the more likely you will succeed in writing good reviews.

Don't worry if you are not good at writing. The information about a product is all ready available for you, you just need to rewrite it in a way so your visitors will find it compelling and useful and will end up buying product(s) through your affiliate link.

What products to promote?

First thing you should do is to find and write down list of niches that you like from Amazon's directory. Make sure to select niches that you think it's worth building website on. For example, something interest you the most, things you do in your spare time, something that you are likely to buy in the future, etc.

You can find all that right here:

In Amazon's directory you will see plenty of categories to choose from, but you want to dig deeper and find a sub category as your niche. So in my case I would select Baby from Toys, Kids & Baby.

Now I want to select a subcategory from Baby section, so I would choose Infant Car Seats as my niche.

How to select a product?

You will be using some criteria when searching for a product. You want to select the best product so it can convert well and make some money. Keep in mind that you don't have to be 100% accurate when using following criteria. Be flexible.

1. Product price tag of $100 - You want to make sure you get good amount of commission from each sale. If you sale a product that has a price tag of $10, you will see your commission between $0.40 to $.85. On other hand if you sale a product that has a price tag of $100, you will earn between $4.00 to $8.50. So stick with higher price. And if you find a great high selling product at $90, you can also promote that product. Be little flexible with price tag.

2. Product rating of 4 stars or higher - Higher rating of a product has a big impact on visitors buying decision. People want to know if others are happy with the product that they are buying. And rating helps them make a better purchase decision. The whole purpose is to make sure your visitors buy a product that you promote.

3. Product reviews of more than 30 - Higher number represents people are buying products. It will also help you write a review on your website which you will learn in later section.

Initially you want to find at least 5 products in your niche to promote.

I mentioned above that you should only promote high price products, but as you start to grow your site and build some decent traffic, you want to add more products that have both low price and high price. Your commission will add up and at the same time you will be recognized as a authority in your niche.

How to search for a product using specific criteria

Now it's time to look at an example on how you can search for a product using the criteria that I mention above.

For demonstration purpose I will select infant car seats as my niche.


From this page I can select several product that meets our criteria. Fifth product (Chicco Keyfit 30)has a price tag of $189.99, 4 and half stars, and 253 reviews. That meets our requirement.

Another way to speed up the selection process is to select 4 stars and price above $100 from left side of the screen.

Now all you need to do is repeat the process over until you find several products.

Another way to find products faster

I have been using AMASUITE ever since it came out. It's a must tool for people who want to find products faster. Instead of doing the search manually, you can find high selling products within minutes.

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