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Step 2 - Develop Your iPhone App
Once you’re done with the structure of your app, it’s time to take action. There are two options that you could do here. It could either be an In-House or Outsource Development. What’s the difference between the two? Let’s have a closer look.

In-House Development

This type of development is best for those who have a wide knowledge about programming. You may need to use an iPhone Development Kit where coding and testing of apps could be acquired. The following are the top five sites where you could develop your iPhone apps easier:

  • Sweb Apps

    This is an iPhone app tool you could use to create your app. You may use the company’s library or you could create your own. It costs about $50 per button where you have the option to pick either of the packages offered (four-, six-, and eight-button). Other than these, a $25 monthly hosting fee for every application is also offered. For more details, you may refer to their official website:


  • Another iPhone app tool you could use to ensure a quality product. They claim to be “an incubator, developer, accumulator and marketers of mobile technology.” Downloading this iPhone app developer as well as using their service is for free. You are allocated about 25% of the total revenue once your app is at its marketing stage. Refer to this website for more details:


  • This iPhone app tool allows you to create native iPhone apps. A tool you could use that provides easy-to-follow instructions. To use this company’s services, you must provide a full description of your app, the app icon, and so forth. You would receive a basic pay of about $88 once your creation has been distributed and additional $28 monthly fee for hosting and bandwidth.

You can check other iPhone app developers such as AppBreeder, MyAppBuilder, BuildAnApp, and so on. These would definitely help you create a better app which would catch the interest of your future customers. Aside from the mentioned developing tools, you could also try Outsource Development.

Outsource Development

  • You may not have enough knowledge in terms of programming so this is the best option you could consider. What you need to do is submit your idea to an outsource app developer and they would be the one to get it done for you. Inexpensive freelancing sites are also available such as Odesk and Elance.

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