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Step 2: Keyword Research
By now you should have few products selected that you would like to promote. Now it's time to check if those products have enough monthly search volume to generate some income.

We can use free Google Keyword Tool for keyword research.

In the 'Word or phrase' box type in the product name that you selected in step 1. For our example we would type in was 'Chicco Keyfit 30'. As you can see I didn't use 'Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventure' as a keyword because it's too long and it would not show up enough search volume per month. And by the way people usually don't type in the long name. Instead in our case they would just type in 'Chicco Keyfit 30'. So you always want to start out with root keyword which is 'Chicco Keyfit 30'.

Check the box where it says 'Only show ideas closely related to my search terms'.

Under 'Advanced Options and Filters' I would select United States since I'm promoting in U.S.

Before clicking on a search button you want to make sure you get right results. On you left side of the screen you want to select only 'Exact' under Match Types section.

Now type in the captcha in the box and click search.

I get following result:

As you can see we have several keyword phrases that we could target for our website. The obvious ones are:

Chicco keyfit
30 Chicco keyfit
30 infant car seat
Chicco keyfit 30 travel system
Chicco keyfit 30 base
Chicco keyfit 30 reviews

Since I want to target in United States I would only look at 'Local Monthly Searches' column for search volume. If I look at the first keyword phrase 'Chicco keyfit 30', Google shows us 12,100 searches per month. So we have potential to get 390 clicks to our site on daily basis if we were to rank number 1 for the keyword 'Chicco keyfit 30'.

Keep in mind that just because you can rank number 1 doesn't mean that you will get 390 clicks per day. Because searchers have 9 other choices to choose from. Google shows 10 results per page.

To better understand why you need to be number 1 for your keyword goto:

Targeting product keywords and generic keywords

In above example I talked about targeting our main product keyword phrase which was 'Chicco keyfit 30', but you should also target generic keywords like chicco keyfit 30 reviews, car seat reviews, infant car seat reviews, baby car seat reviews, and so on.

The reason for targeting generic keywords is that because it can bring you lots of traffic. You will have more competition with generic keywords but if you are looking for a long term business it's well worth it.

You also want to make sure that you target only buyer keywords. Buyer keywords are keywords that people are searching on the internet and are ready to buy the product that they are looking for. For example, a good keyword phrase like 'Chicco keyfit 30' is good keyword to target, because it contains the brand name and model in the search query. On other hand 'Chicco keyfit 30 manual' is not a good keyword phrase to target because anyone can get manual for free on the manufactures website or somewhere else on the internet.

Other thing that I like to do is that I initially start out my site promoting products that have monthly local search volume of more than 1,000. As you I grow I write more product reviews with low search volume products. It's just my way of doing things.

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