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Step 4: Domain Name, Web Hosting, and WordPress Installation
Getting your own domain name and hosting provider is very easy.

Before you can start to create a website you need to have your own domain name (ex. and web hosting service provider which allows you store files online such as documents, video, graphics, audio, etc. I will show you how to get best domain name and where you can store all those files that you will be creating for your website.

Step 1 - Domain Registration and Getting a Best Web Hosting Provider

The first step is to choose right domain name for your website, which looks something like this (,,, etc). It's very important to have a right domain name for long term success. Your domain needs to be short and easier to remember for your visitors. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Short Domains - Try to keep your domain name short. For example, which one is better - or Obviously the second one is shorter and easier to remember. If you can, try to find a domain name that has two words and 20 characters max. Make sure domain name makes sense to your website.

Keep it short - What comes to mind when I talk about short domain names? Google? Facebook? Yahoo? YouTube? You see my point here. It's just so easier to remember. Most of the good domain names are taken so it's going to be hard to come up with shorter name. But try to keep your domain name at 20 charcters at max.

Easy to spell - If a visitor decides to come back to your site again it should be easier for them to spell and remember otherwise it's possible that they may end up on someone else's website. Don't assume that they will bookmark.

Since you will be creating a review site for a niche, I highly suggest that you use the 'niche name + the word reviews'. For example,,,,, etc.

Note: Please don't use brand names in your domain name.

Now it's time to register your domain name and get a web hosting account to build a website. You are going to register domain name through one of the largest hosting provider which is HostGator.

1. Click Here to goto HostGator's website. On the front page of HostGator you will see something like this:

2. Click on 'View Web Hosting Plans' and will see the following:

3. Compare different plans and select the plan that you want and click 'Order Now'. You will get the following:

Here you will see two options on the screen. Either get a new domain name or use existing domain name. If don't have your own domain name, type in the desire name that you would like to register. For example I want to create a website that helps people find best infant car seats. So I would register a domain name and click continue. If the domain name that you want is available to register it will take you to billing information. If not, you will get message saying 'Domain Name is not available to be registered'. Simply try to register a different name.

Once you find a domain name you will be taken to billing information. Simply fill out the information required and click on 'Create Account'. Once finished, you will receive an email from HostGator with login in information to create your website.

Make sure you write down your user name and password in a safe place. Now click on the link in your email where it says Your Control Panel: Log in to your account using the password that was given to you in your email. You will be taken to control panel where you will be installing a free WordPress in next step.

Step 2 - Installing WordPress

Right now you have your domain name but nothing is on your website. Now it's time to install WordPress CMS(FREE) so you can create your website. Once you login to your cpanel account scroll down the page and you will see something like this:

Click on the blue icon where it says 'Fantastico De Luxe' and you will see the following:

On the left side click on'WordPress'. Once you do that click on 'New Installation'. You will get the following:

Leave 'Install in directory' blank. Under Admin access data type in your username and password. Make sure you write down your password on a paper or save it in your computer where it's safe. Under Base configuration type in your admin nickname, admin email, site name, and description. Once you got everything fill out click on'Install WordPress' and 'Finish Installation'.

Now you should see something like this:

Click on the link where it says 'Bookmark this'. You will be taken to WordPress login page. Type in your username and password to Login.

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