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Step 7: Getting Visitors To Your Website
Succeeding in online business is more than putting bunch of beautiful looking pictures on your website. Besides writing great product reviews, you need to focus on getting traffic to your website. If you have no visitors, you have no sale. And if you have no sale it means you don't make any commission.

You need to familiarize yourself with search engine optimization(SEO.) SEO is the process of improving ranking of a website or web pages in search engines. In our case we want to make our website page appear on the first page for a given keyword. Search engines check your website and evaluate to see where your page should appear on search result.

A good SEO plan will help your site to appear on first page for dozens or even hundred of different keywords. While putting a good SEO plan takes time and hard work, it's well worth it.

In this section you will learn two important components of SEO. First one is on-page SEO and the second one is off-page SEO.

Note: Use the following backlink methods after ONLY your site has been indexed in Google.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is to make your webpage as relevant as possible to reflect the keyword(s) you are targeting. It involves tweaking your webpage image, meta description, title, H1 tag, etc.

Page Title - Search results only display 70 characters title. Any page that exceed 70 characters will be cut off with an ellipsis. Try to place your keywords at the beginning of the page title but don't force the keyword usage.

H1 Tags - Besides title tag, H1 tags should be used on all of your pages of your site not more than once. H1 tags help search engines spider more about the main subject of the content. Make sure to include keyword variations.

Body Content - Having optimized Title and Meta Description tags is a good thing but will not help if you don't have content on your pages to support their content. You want more content, but the quality of the content is more important than the quantity. Your content needs to be original and not a duplicated product description from Amazon. If you duplicate original content from somewhere else, it will hurt your SEO performance.

Keyword density is another factor search engines look at. Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. So don't stuff too many keywords in to your article. Search engines will consider that as a spammy technique. And that will hurt your ranking performance and your visitors site experience.

Image Optimization - Rename your images so if someone points with mouse over the image it should look something like this '46-inch Samsung TV' instead of '46insamtv.jpg'. It will help search engine understand better about your image and to see how well it is related to your article content.

Meta Description Tag - This tag shows up on search engine result page right underneath the title. Meta description tag should be summary of your title tag. Keep it down to 153 characters long. Make sure to include your main keyword once in the description tag.

Bounce Rate - If your visitors leave the site in few seconds after arriving, the search engines might think that your site isn't providing good experience to your visitors. Improve your content, title, looks, and make it easier to navigate.

Page Speed - If you want your visitors to have good site experience, you must take page speed into consideration. It should not take more than 4 seconds to load your page. Checkout to see your page loading time.

URL - Having a relevant name in URL helps not only search engines but your users. For example, having a URL '' is better than ''

Off-Page SEO

Second biggest part of SEO is off-page SEO - mostly dealing with backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page mainly from other websites. Backlinks are important for SEO because search engine like Google gives more credit to websites that have good number of quality backlinks making it more relevant than other websites that have low quality backlinks.

Search engine analyzes website content to determine the quality of a link. When websites point links to your website and if those sites have content related to your site, these incoming links are considered more relevant to your site. On other hand if those links are pointed to your site with unrelated content, they are considered less relevant.

For example, if you have a website about how to get rid of acne, and received a backlink from another website that has content related to acne, then that would be more relevant in search engine's eye than to have a link from a site that talks about dog training.

Link Building

As mentioned above, backlinks are one of the most important part of SEO. The reason why it is so important is because search engines think that if other websites are pointing lots of links to yours, it must be important. Link building takes time and effort. The good thing is that you can build links in many different ways, so you won't get bored.

Now let's look at off-page SEO factors you need to know about link building.

Quality of Links

One of the important thing you should keep in mind is that you need to have lots of links pointing to your site. If you want to rank on the first page for your page, you need more incoming links than your competitors. Search engines like relevancy.

As you can see link coming from auto repair shop to Samsung TV reviews site is less relevant. But link coming from volleyball products site to how to play volleyball site is more relevant.

Deep Linking

Building links only to your home page is not sufficient. It's o.k. if you want to rank higher for your homepage, but search engines rank individual pages and not your entire site for a specific keyword. That is why it' so important to have links pointed to other pages on your site.

Backlink Diversity

It basically means that your links should come from various different sources like blogs, forums, article directories, etc. Using only one type of source to get all your backlinks is very unnatural to Google.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is clickable text that takes you to a different page or a website. When you backlink to your website it's important to have your anchor text keyword(s) diversified.

For example, if I want to target the keyword phrase "how to get rid of acne", then my anchor text should be "how to get rid of acne" or some variation like "get rid of acne overnight". You want other keyword or keyword phrases related to your targeted keyword(s). Using only same keyword or keyword phrase will have negative impact on your SEO effort.

Backlinks Velocity

The speed at which backlinks are found and indexed by search engines is called backlink velocity or link velocity. Your goal is to build around 10 links per day. Don't go crazy and build hundreds or even thousands of links per day. You also want to fluctuate the number of links that you build per day. For example, if you build 10 links the first day, you want to build 11 the next day, and 8, 10, 9, 12, and so on. If you build 10 links each and every day, Google can find out that your are manufacturing links.

Make sure to build links slowly but steadily. You can increase your backlink effort by increasing the amount of links that you build each month by a bit but don't go overboard.

Do Follow vs No Follow

To your visitors link is a link. They click on it and it takes them to a specific destination. However Google spider looks at it in a different way. They look inside the HTML page to see rel="nofollow" or rel="dofollow"(or simply a link code). If Google sees rel="nofollow", it will usually avoid giving any link juice to the pointing page.

Here's what do follow and no follow example:
<a href= rel=”dofollow”> My Domain</a>

<a href= rel=”nofollow”> My Domain</a>

You goal is to get mostly do follow links but I recommend that you still get few no follow as well to make it look a bit natural.

You can get the tool at


Google has a way of determining the importance of a website page by using its own link analysis algorithm call PageRank. It uses scale between 0 to 10. Higher the PageRank number the more authority it has. You can use SEO Quake or Market Samurai to check for PageRank.

Once again you need to get backlinks from higher PageRank sites as well as lower PageRank sites.

Top Link Building Strategies

In this section we're going to be looking at top ways to build links.

1. Article Directory Marketing

2. Blog Commenting

3. Directory Submissions

4. Social Signals

Article Directory Marketing

We're going to be writing and submitting to article directories, because it's a great way of getting backlinks for your website. It will also improve your search engine ranking.

You want to submit to top article directories first including:















15. The Add Articles Directory

Depending on how fast you write, it should take you around 30 to 40 minutes to write an article.

Let's start with the popular article directory First thing you want to do is to click on 'Start Your FREE MEMBERSHIP'

Now fill out the sign up form. Now login to your ezinearticle account and click on 'Submit an Article'

From this page you will be writing your article. I'm not going to go into detail since everything is self explanatory.

Few things you should know when writing articles. First, you need to make sure you have a catchy title so people can click on it and read. Use lists or bullet points. Keep your paragraphs short.

One thing I want to talk about is Resource Box.

Under resource box you need a call-to-action so people can click on the link pointing to you site. The important thing here is to add your anchor text that you are trying to rank for. You will need to add HTML <a href> code.

<a href="">Anchor Text</a

Remember to use slightly different anchor text for each new article.

Provide good quality content that is useful to your reader.

If you want to save yourself all this trouble you can go to and have someone else write it for you for a small fee.

Is there any software you can use to automate the process?

Answer is yes! There are 2 types of article software available. First one is 'article spinning' which rewrites your article into dozens of unique quality articles. Second one is 'article submission' which submits articles for you to dozens of article directories.

Reason why you want to use article spinning software is to save lots of time. You can find plenty of spinning software that are available on the market to your advantage. Spinner software use various different techniques to spin articles. You want to use software that has the best methods for spinning. The one I like the most is The first time you write article will take longer but once you have it finished you can turn that one article into hundreds of unique article.

For article submission you can use either or

Blog Commenting

The reason why you want to use blog commenting is because you can get a backlink from an aged domain and high PR which can be very effective.

Writing blog comments is easy process. When you comment on a blog you can either leave your link in URL section or comment section.

The important thing is to write something useful. Whatever you do, don't write any spammy comments because it will most likely get deleted.

So, how do you find blogs to comments?

Do a Google search. For example if I want to search a blog for article 'how to get rid of acne', I would put the following in Google search how to get rid of acne "powered by wordpress"

Once you find a site to comment on you need to get a backlink.

In the name field you can write your name. In the email field write your email address - I personally use email address that I know will get spam in my inbox. In website field add your URL. In comment field use actual comment that is useful and relates to the blog post.

As you can see if you add your name under name field you will not get your anchor text. So the option you have is to add your keyword as anchor text instead of using your name. I usually alternate between my name and anchor text under name field. Some blog owners don't mind having your anchor text but some do. You just have to test it to see if your comments get approved or not.

Directory Submission

What web directory or link directory does is simply puts bunch of website links into categorized niches. Web directories are not search engine.

Here are just few directories you can submit to.

If you are planning to submit to lots of directory you can waste lot of energy. In order to speed up the process, you can use service from You have option to choose from different packages. I personally prefer 100 DS package.

If you do manual submission, avoid junk looking directories since it will not get you any results. If a directory ask you to put there link on your site don't do it. Avoid those type of directories all together. You also want to avoid blasting to hundred or even thousands of directories in short period of time.

Social Sites

You may be already using popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Social sites simply can't be ignored. Having a good content and links to your site are still the important components of SEO but Google also gives good amount weight to social signals to help improve your ranking in search engine.

  • Facebook

    You may already have your Facebook account, if not goto and sign up. Most common way to boost social signal is to send out updates to your Facebook friends that has link to your site and people can then 'like' the update, and link if they like what they see.
    Another better option is to create a Facebook page for your website. It will be separate from your personal page.

  • Twitter

    Sign up at Simply follow the tweeters that are in your niche. Once you start to follow other tweeters and some following you, it's time for you to start tweeting. You can write up to 140 character posts. Don't keep promoting your site every tweet. Give some useful information so you can build more followers and when you do send out a tweet with your site URL, you will get more clicks.

    Once again don't spam your tweet with garbage links. Keep your audience engaged by tweeting regularly. You should also follow other tweeters on regular basis.
  • Google Plus

    Go sign up at

    Google Plus has been very popular lately. With it you can add '+1' button to your site and recommend search results by clicking '+1' button.

    If a user is logged into Google Plus account, he or she can click on a button shown below to get social signal vote.

  • Social Buttons

    You should have social buttons displayed on all of your products and information articles. It will simply make it easier for your visitors to share the pages with others. I personally use Slick Social Share Buttons.

More Link Building Techniques

You are not limited to building links only with blog commenting, article submission, directory submission, and social sites. There are many more ways to build backlinks that will help you improve your ranking. Just remember not to use just one type of technique. Using only one technique can be a boring task and search engines can easily detect that you are manufacturing backlinks.

In this section you will learn more on link building techniques using the following methods:

1. Social Bookmarking

2. Guest Posting

3. Link Wheel

4. Reverse Engineering Links

Social Bookmarking

Originally social bookmarking sites like were used to discover new sites. But over the years it has turn into one of the SEO techniques to help rank your site. is the service I use for bookmarking. It's a service that will let you submit to various social bookmarking and network site from a single place.

Sign up for a free account by clicking 'FREE TRIAL' link on the top and then fill out the information required.

Once you login to your account you will get a popup window and will walk you through rest of the steps.

And remember not to spam! I know lots of internet marketer spam social bookmarking site intentionally.

Write eye popping headlines.

Guest Posting

Why write it for someone else when you can write it for your own website? The reason you want to write it for someone else is to get powerful backlink to your site.

What you do is contact a bloggers in your niche and offer them a useful article to be posted on their blog or site and in exchange you ask them to allow you post a link to your site.

The main benefit is that you can have it posted on a highly popular blog site with good readership and high PR that will boost your rankings. It can be far effective than links coming from article directories or blog comments.

Do a simple search on Google like typing in 'your keyword + blog', 'your niche + blog' or simply 'your keyword'.

You can also click on 'Blogs' on left side of you screen on Google search results to see only blogs.

What you want to do is contact both small and big blogs. If you are just starting out, I would suggest that you start out with small blogs. Don't be discouraged if you get turned down. It happens to all of us. You will just have to keep trying. Don't forget that you have other options to improve your rankings.

Other place to search for blogs is

Create a spreadsheet to track down who you contacted, when, and if your article got accepted or not.

Now the big question is how to approach website owners?

Here are some great articles you should read before contacting blog owners.

Link Wheel

Another advance method to leverage the power of WEB 2.0 sites. Few examples of Web 2.0 sites - HubPage, YouTube,, Tumblr, Squidoo, and Ezine article.

Basically you create a wheel of Web 2.0 sites that link to each other and link back to your main site.

You can add more Web 2.0 sites to your link wheel. Your link wheel should be different than what is shown above.

What you want to do is build backlinks through broken link wheel. What I mean by that is not all Web 2.0 properties are linked to each other.

If you want more ideas you can goto and type in 'link wheel' in search box and you will see tons of images that show how others are doing it.

You just need one article and spin it in to dozens of unique article and submit it to all Web 2.0 sites. Read article directory section to understand more. Just keep in mind that not all sites will accepts your articles. You should do fine as long as half of them get approved.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is all about spying on your competitors. You look for other top sites in your niche or for a keyword and analyze to see how they rank well. Apply what they do and you help your site improve in search engines.

If you build tons of cheap links that are not working and your competitors are doing it better than you, it's time to copy what they do. You want to analyze links, PR, see if they have keyword in title, description, and several other things.

I personally use Market Samuari or SEO SpyGlass. I'm not going to go into detail since they both have videos that show you how to spy on your competitors.

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