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Strategy #1 Viral Blog Posts
Note: If you purchased my previous WSO (Viral Blog Post Case Study) you will have seen this method before, but I’ve updated it and added new case studies and shared more things that I’ve learned since publishing my previous report.

This is my most effective strategy by far that I suggest you try first simply because it is so powerful and works like crazy.

It’s the strategy I used that first made me realize the power of Facebook as a traffic generating mechanism.

I’ve used this method nine times in the past three months, but if I wasn’t so lazy I’d use this method every single day.

My least successful time using this strategy resulted in 2,268 visitors. My most successful time using this strategy resulted in 22,183 visitors - although my most recent viral blog post is just five days old and has already generated over 10,000 visitors.

It takes two hours MAXIMUM to implement this method and you can do it an unlimited number of times. If you perform this task once per day then in just a few days you’ll be getting insane traffic and each day it will grow.

Excited? You should be! Let me share what it is and how you can use it.

On April 4th 2012 I decided I wanted to publish something a little different on my natural health and beauty blog. I thought my content was getting a little boring and predictable.

So I decided to write a post called: Top 7 Natural Products To Make With Essential Oils.

In this post I briefly discussed a recipe from another blogger, and then I provided a link to the original bloggers blog post which included the full recipe and instructions. I did this with seven different products, including a sunscreen recipe, body butter recipe, toothpaste recipe, air freshener recipe etc.

I then published the post and did all the usual things. I notified my email subscribers, shared with my Facebook fans (of which I only had about 100 at the time), shared on Twitter and Pinned to Pinterest.

You can see the post at:

And then I decided to do something different, something a little cheeky.

I contacted each blogger who I featured in the post to let them know that I’d featured them and that I’d really appreciate it if they could share the post with their Facebook fans and Twitter and Pinterest followers.

A few hours later, this happened.

One of the featured bloggers had shared with her 16,000+ fans, and then a few hours later another of the bloggers with 8,000+ fans shared, and then the next day another of the bloggers with 11,000+ fans shared and it carried on like that for a number of days.

Plus a lot of the featured bloggers shared on Pinterest and Twitter as well so the post was being spread around and shared on three different social media outlets.

On day one of the post going live it generated 1246 visitors, on day two it generated a further 1809 visitors and on day three it peaked at 2352 visitors for the day.

The traffic gradually declined from there but even now, three months later, that post gets 50-200 visitors per day in passive traffic.

According to my social sharing buttons, which you can see on the post itself, it has been liked on Facebook 1,400 times and Pinned on Pinterest over 4,800 times.

That kind of social sharing makes Google realize it is a valuable page, and that’s why that particular post is experiencing elevated rankings in comparison to the rest of my blog.

In a minute I’ll go into more detail as to how to make this strategy work for you, but here are some more examples from my blog.

Top 7 Best Homemade Foot Scrub Recipes

Top 3 Best DIY Body Butter Recipes

Top 10 Homemade Beauty Gifts

Top 10 DIY Face Mask Recipes

Top 7 Homemade Hair Products

Top 10 Home Remedies For Sore Throat

Top 5 Homemade Sunscreen Recipes

25 Magical Things To Make With Coconut Oil

Each has experienced a varying degree of success but every single post has been well worth it with a minimum of 2,268 visitors to the sore throat post.

Now that you’ve seen some working examples, let me go into detail as to how you can replicate this on your own blog.

Step #1 Pick Your Topic

Ideally you should focus yours blog post on a specific topic, for example.

If you have a Food blog:
Top 7 Best Salad Recipes
Top 10 Best Chocolate Recipes
Top 15 Tasty Breakfast Ideas

If you have a Fitness blog:
Top 7 Weight Loss Case Studies
Top 10 Best Fat Burning Workouts
Top 15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

If you have an Internet Marketing blog:
Top 7 Best List Building/Traffic/Money Making Blog Posts

But if you can’t think of a specific topic to focus on, you could try one of these more general topics.

Top xx [NICHE] Bloggers - e.g. Top 15 Gardening Bloggers

Top xx [NICHE] Experts To Follow On Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest - e.g. Top 15 Link Building Experts To Follow On Twitter

Top xx [NICHE] Books On Amazon - e.g. Top 50 Weight Loss Books On Amazon (great way to promote your Amazon affiliate link!)

Top xx [NICHE] Blog Posts In [MONTH] - e.g. Top 7 Skin Care Blog Posts In July

Step #2 Find Your Links

This is a very important part of the step. In fact, it’s the MOST important part. There are a few important requirements a link must have for it to be included.

1. The quality of the post and blog you link to must be high. This is a given. If your “Top xx” post links out to a bunch of junk, no one will take it seriously and you’ll get no traffic.

2. This is crucial. The blog you are linking to must have a social presence on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest - or all three preferably. It doesn’t have to be a huge following but since you will be getting the majority of your traffic by asking all those you include in your post to share on their social networks, it’s necessary that they have some sort of following.

3. Make sure you don’t include big brands in your list. When I was searching for links to include in my post, recipes from, and other huge websites kept cropping up. There is no point including these because there is no chance that would share your little blog to their massive social following. Try to be realistic in the blogs you choose and assess whether there is any chance they will share your post.

TIP: Go through the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for all the bloggers you are planning to include. Do they only promote their own content or do they share good content from around the web? If the latter then they are a good option to include.

I recommend you include at least seven bloggers in your blog post. Some people won’t share your post, but if you have at least seven then you vastly increase your chances of getting at least a couple of shares.

How To Find Blog Posts To Include

It took me all of five minutes to find seven different links I could include in my essential oils blog post. Here’s how I did it.

I went to and searched “Essential Oils” in the search box at the top left of the page. I then clicked “Boards” and this bought up hundreds of “Pin Boards” where people have shared their favourite pages from around the web all about essential oils. This included hundreds of different essential oil recipes which I could have included in my post.

Pinterest is great for finding recipe posts so if you are rounding up recipes then head there first.

Of course, if you know exactly what you are looking to find then some Google searches will hopefully yield what you are looking for. For example, I knew I wanted to find an essential oil deodorant so “essential oil deodorant recipe” produced exactly what I was looking for.

Plus, if you already know your market then visit some of the more popular blogs and see if they have any posts on the topic of your link round-up.

If you have any existing relationships with bloggers in your market then try to include one of their posts since they will be more likely to share your post.

Once you’ve found at least five links - but preferably 7-15 - that meet the criteria I’ve already revealed, it’s time to write your post.

UPDATE: Recently I published a post that included 25 different bloggers. After just five days the post has received over 10,000 visitors so from now on I’m going to try to include more links in each blog post as it opens you up to more people sharing your post.

Step #3 “Write” Your Post

I’ve put “Write” in inverted commas above because really, you don’t have any writing to do - not much anyway.

All you need is a short introductory paragraph and a closing paragraph and that’s it.

The main bulk of the post is just titles, images and links to the original blog post. Here’s an example from one of my most successful posts.

After finding all the links, that post took twenty minutes to put together and publish.

Make sure your post is:

  • Capable of generating revenue (Adsense/affiliate links)
  • Capable of generating email subscribers and Facebook fans
  • Shareable

Step #4 Kick Start The Traffic

Now for the fun part.

It’s time to notify the bloggers you featured and politely request that they share your post.

To save you time (I’m good like that!) here’s a ready-made copy and paste email for you to use.


My name's _ from

I'm just sending you a really quick email to let you know that I've just featured your _ recipe in my new blog post at:


If you like the post and you think your fans and followers would too then it would be fantastic if you could share the post with your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Pinterest followers.

I'm asking all featured bloggers to share the post with their social networks so that everyone can benefit from the traffic and hopefully get a bunch of new readers.

Thanks for a fantastic recipe and let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you or your blog.


Your Name

Just send that out to all the bloggers you featured - perhaps personalizing it a little if you are able to.

Some bloggers will ignore you. That’s just something we have to accept. If they do I suggest sending them one follow up email to try and politely convince them to share.

Something like this.


Just checking in to see that you got my email yesterday? I was just letting you know you've been featured in my latest blog post at:


So far, Blogger #1 and Blogger #2 have shared the post with their FB fans and have sent over x,xxx readers to the post so far so I hope you have got some new long term readers!

It would be great if you could share the post with your FB fans too. Just a simple link posted to your fans would be great.

I create lots of posts like this and they all get quite a lot of traffic so if you have any other blog posts you'd like me to feature in future then please let me know.


Your Name

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

Write a blog post that links out to 7-15 other bloggers, contact them and ask them to share the post with their Facebook fans and then wait for the traffic surge.

You could do one of these posts every single day. It would only take two hours maximum from concept to contact. Start at 9am, you’ll be done by 11 and can work on other strategies knowing full well that your blog traffic could kick off at any time.

If you do decide to publish a post like this every day, just make sure you vary which blogs you include. You don’t want to continually barrage the same bloggers to share your content.

Plus, by varying the bloggers you can include you can build up a bigger picture of exactly who shares your post and who doesn’t. Once you have worked out which bloggers share then try to include as many of them as possible into one blog post to create a “mega viral blog post”.

This strategy works like crazy and I’ve given you eight real life examples from my own blog. Now it’s just down to you to do it for yourself.

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