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Strategy #2 Host A Guest Post
This is a really easy way to get another Facebook page owner to send all their fans to your blog. I wrote about ten pages for the last strategy, but this one may only require a page or less - it’s that simple!

Here’s what this simple Facebook fan stealing strategy involves.

Essentially, you simply contact a blogger or author in your niche who has a significant Facebook fan page following (perhaps 2,500+ fans) and ask them if they’d like to guest post on your blog. Many will want to so will send you a unique article for you to publish (free content for you!), you publish it including links back to their blog and social media profiles (be generous with the links you give them) and then you email them asking if they wouldn’t mind sharing it with their Facebook fans.

This is a super simple way to build relationships, get free original and high quality content for your blog and get other people to drive traffic for you.

You can even automate 95% of the process if you are using Wordpress so that you can publish many posts like this per day without spending too much time.

Here’s how you do it.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings and then General. On that page, check the box next to the “Anyone can register” field and set the “User default role” to “Contributor”.

You will probably want to set up a plug-in called Sabre, too. This adds a captcha code to the register form and prevents spam bots registering and submitting junk articles.

You can get Sabre for free at:

And then you’re done!

Now you simply need to send someone to and they can register and submit some content.

Once they’ve done that you can log-in, read through their post, make any amendments you want and hit “Publish”.

Then it’s simply a case of emailing them to let them know that their post is live and it would be great if they could share it with their Facebook fans.

You could also open your blog up to the public so that it is not just invite only. You will get some junk submissions, but you can discard them.

I got a submission the other day from a website owner who stumbled upon my “Write For Us” page, it was a good post so I published it. It was only then that I realised the author had a Facebook fan page of 73,000 fans! I quickly emailed him asking if he’d like to share his guest post and a few hours later I got a nice traffic surge as he posted a link to his Facebook fan page.

This is one of the simplest methods you can use to get instant content and instant traffic.

IMPORTANT: Be very generous with the links you give to your guest author. Link to them before, during and at the end of the post, and include links to their social media profiles. Also make sure you send them lots of traffic. This will make sure they come back and guest post again so you have another opportunity to reach their Facebook fans.

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