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Strategy #3 Post On Other Facebook Fan Pages
This, like the method above, is another really simple strategy.

When you visit a Facebook fan page, there is usually a text box in the top left which says.

“Write something.”

You can write a message in that box and it will be posted to the wall of the Facebook page.

This is beneficial for two reasons:

1. Visitors to the Facebook fan page will be able to view your message so may visit your blog if you post a link.

2. The owner of the page will receive a notification and so will read your message.

There are lots of Facebook pages whose goal is simply to find interesting blog posts, images and articles on a particular topic and share it with their Facebook fans. These people WANT their readers to share interesting stuff from around the web for them to post about on their Facebook page.

So why not do that?

Every time I publish a new blog post I go to Facebook and search out potential pages that would be interested in my post. I then post on their wall with something like.

"Hey PAGE OWNER. I have just published a blog post that I thought might interest your fans. It is about_and you can see it at_.
Feel free to share with your fans if you think it will interest them."

You can find pages by visiting the link below and searching a variety of keywords.

I did this a few days ago with a Facebook fan page with 150,000 Facebook fans. Here is the message I posted.

The page in question was “Homestead Survival” who left a comment saying that they loved my posts. While they didn’t share the post I suggested, they did visit my Facebook page and share one of my recent updates: Top 5 Homemade Sunscreen Recipes.

Which caused this to happen.

Easiest. Traffic. Ever!
Do this every time you post a new blog post and see how it works for you. Be careful not to overdo it though, you don’t want to be accused of spamming.

I use this method with every blog post I publish now.

For example, I posted a blog post about curing psoriasis with herbs and essential oils so I searched “psoriasis” and found a few relevant pages with 5k+ fans, posted my link and a couple of them shared with their fans.

This method is so simple, and if used wisely, can generate an incredible amount of quick and easy passive traffic.

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