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Strategy #4 Contact Product Owners
These strategies are just getting easier and easier.

I regularly publish blog posts that talk about specific products. For example, I have posts like.

Top 8 Uses For Eucalyptus Oil - where I recommend Eden’s Garden Eucalyptus Oil

The Miracle Health Benefits Of Coconut Water - where I recommend Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

The Health & Beauty Benefits Of Chia Seeds - where I recommend Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds

After posting the blog post, I contact the company to let them know about my new blog post and to tell them that I recommend their product. I then politely ask for them to share with their Facebook fan page.

I obviously get ignored a few times, but I’ve also been shared a number of times, too.

Even if you don’t get shared it’s a great way to start a relationship with a company which would eventually progress into a freebie, a sponsorship or a giveaway for your blog.

Go through your blog archives and if you ever recommend a specific product by a certain brand, then contact them and ask them to share. And every time you publish a new post that recommends a specific product, get in touch with them.

Recently I contacted Now Foods (by posting a message on their Facebook wall) asking them to share my post: Top 8 Uses For Lavender Oil since it recommended Now Foods Lavender Oil throughout.

An hour later, this happened.

That post went out to nearly 19,000 fans and sent me a nice chunk of free traffic.

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