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Strategy #5 Link Parties
This is a fantastic method that I use every day to send me LOTS of direct traffic - and gives me the opportunity to get big traffic from Facebook, too.

Here’s what it involves.

Bloggers often hold something called a “link party”. This is a place where other bloggers can come and submit one or more of their recent blog posts based around a specific theme.

A link party could get anywhere from 10-300 submissions - and you can get lots of direct traffic as people visit the party and click your link. I typically find that I get 5-100 visitors per link party I submit to and I submit to around 5 link parties per day. I estimate that I get 5,000 direct visitors per month from link parties.

But, on top of that, you’ll also find that the link party host often shares their favorite contributions from the week with their Facebook fan page. This is where the real traffic is.

One week I submitted one of my blog posts to a link party. The post was:

Top 8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil -

The host seemed to like my link so she shared it with her 20,000+ Facebook fans. Then another fan page with 150,000 fans saw her update and also shared my post which resulted in more fan pages with a few thousand fans also sharing.

This is what happened.

This gave me my biggest traffic day ever with over 9,500 visitors in a single day. I WILL break 10,000 visitors soon!

I’m not saying this will happen to you if you submit to link parties, but it COULD. I’ve been shared a number of times on Facebook because of link parties to fan pages with a few hundred fans or a few thousand fans.

Rather than go into detail here about how link parties work and where you can find them, I have instead written a special report that you can download for free at:

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