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Strategy #6 Facebook Swaps
This is another of my favorite strategies, but it does require you to have some sort of Facebook following so I’ve included it last so that you can use the previous five strategies to grow your Facebook following and then you can take advantage of this idea.

I now have 3,000 Facebook fans and can send anywhere from 80-400 visitors per update. This is a fair amount of traffic every time I post an update, so obviously I want to post lots of updates since the more updates I post, the more traffic I can send to my blog.

I’m happy to contact my Facebook fans around 10 times per day - though it’s usually more like 4-5 times. This doesn’t overwhelm them, it is easy to ignore the posts they aren’t interested in, yet I can still generate a lot of traffic back to my blog.

There’s just one problem.

I only have around 100 blog posts on my own blog that my fans would be interested in so I’d start repeating myself after ten days. It is fine to post the same update more than once, but I’d suggest giving a month between shares.

This is when I came up with the solution that enables me to continually post good content to my fans from other sources around the web, yet STILL get big traffic from Facebook.

Here’s what I do.

I head around some blogs in my market and seek out blog posts that I think my fans would like. After I find one, I contact the blog owner with a message like this.


How are you? My name's_- a fellow Facebook page

owner at FACEBOOK URL and blogger at BLOG URL.

I have a quick proposal for you with a method we could both use to grow our FB fan page and blog readership.

Here's what I suggest...

I post an update to my FB fans suggesting they go and check out a post on your blog and you do the same to your fans suggesting that they go and check out a post on my blog.

It's an easy way for us to both boost our readership. We could also Pin and Tweet each other’s pages to boost it further.

Here's the post from your blog that I'd like to share...


And here's the post from my blog that I'd like you to share...


I currently have 2,556 very active FB fans, around 1000 Pinterest followers and 350 Twitter followers.

Would you be interested in this kind of swap? If so email me back and I'll share your post with my followers.

Thanks ”

This is a great method for so many reasons.

1. You share good content with your Facebook fans.
2. You get traffic from a new audience.
3. You grow your Facebook fan base since you could tag each other’s Facebook pages in your updates.
4. You can also Pin and Tweet each other’s pages to send even more traffic.
5. You build solid relationships with fellow bloggers and fan pages in your market.
6. If you have a post on your blog that you want to draw attention to (perhaps because it is generating more revenue than other posts on your blog) then you can do so by requesting your swap partners to promote that post.

This is such a simple strategy.

Go out and find 20 blog posts you would be happy to share on your blog, send out the copy and paste email to the blog owner and get fast traffic and new Facebook fans.

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