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The First Few Steps

Well, so first of all, let me address the four categories of readers/audiences who would have purchased this course:

First of all, when this Course was compiled, I kept in mind that newbies will be my audiences as well. So for those of you who know or are well versed with most of the steps, just keep an eye out for something which you did not know earlier because that is the only way you can build your learning curve.

How lucrative is Adsense?

I still maintain that regardless of any past and upcoming updates, Adsense is an extremely valid business model. If passive income is your primary objective, Adsense can get you there in no time provided you do things correctly.

When I say doing things correctly - I am referring to firstly going after high paying keywords intelligently. People aspire to focus their efforts on volumes and traffic - that is choosing keywords which pay less than 0.30 cents per click, but hoping that volumes of traffic will be manageable and then someday, they will be millionaires. Forget it! It doesn't work that way - not even if you are an SEO guru because there's a reason that certain keywords are high paying. The fact is, these are high conversion and in demand keywords which even a small population of traffic you drive to your site, will almost definitely click on.

Our motive here is going to be to minimize investment and maximize earning potential through some laser targeted traffic generation strategies as you will see later in this Course.

Also, I am going to be showing you how you can essentially adopt the same practices which are prevalent in the micro niche model but tweak them a little to please Google, and crank out money sites using Adsense.

How is the BIG Money possible?

Rinse and repeat - that is the bread and butter of anything I do in Internet Marketing. Whether it be CPA Marketing on Facebook or Amazon Product Promotions or Adsense sites - you are the only person responsible to maximize your earnings.

I'll explain this with an example - say, you have a niche site. You have a keyword which pays you $3 per click and have 4 people clicking the associated Adsense Ad daily which takes your earnings to $12 a day.

Say you just replicated this model with another site and another keyword and achieved the same results. If you have 10 such projects, do you realize that you are making $120 a day! That is what I mean by rinse and repeat.

There is only so much that anyone can teach you - but applying it to the greatest possible extents is entirely your prerogative.

Preparatory Essentials

So what are you going to need to begin with - not much.

> An Adsense Account (pretty much obvious)
> Ability to write content - nothing fancy but atleast something substantial
> Domain and Hosting

Now, there are free available, through which you can do without a domain and yet make some reasonable income. However, it would be helpful if in the long run, you had investment enough to purchase a domain and hosting.

Sequence of Steps to Making Money with Adsense

I will take you through every single step which comes under the category of killer Adsense marketing. To just give you an outline, these are:

> Researching a Potentially Profitable Niche
> Researching Keyword Research
> Creating Websites which Google loves
> Creating Quality Content
> Driving Traffic which will convert and fetch you money

So this is our basic plan for now. Do not go into details at this stage. As of now, just remember that this is our overall agenda.

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