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The Mind-Body Mini Guide to Pinning on Pinterest
SOUL CHECK - Pinning from the Heart

Let's assume you are an average Pinterest user. You use Pinterest for fun and like to collect anything and everything you love. Go ahead, just pin anything.

Now, let's assume you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. If this is the case, you will want to be a little more discriminating in your choices. A Pinterest surfer may not want to swim through a cluttered profile stuffed with dozens of boards and thousands of pins.

So how can you, as Blogger or Online Business Person, sharpen your curator skills and learn to cherry pick only the best of what is online?

Again, lucky eBook reader, welcome to the unique resource of learning to pin from a mind body perspective.

In order to learn how to use your gut reaction to evaluate the quality of a pin, you must first learn how to separate your mind from your body.

(if you are thinking "HUH?"....bear with us)

A brief background on mindfulness and mind-body techniques for those coming to this idea for the first time:

When trying to discover "truth" within ourselves, we are faced with 2 distinct voices that guide us. These voices are our mind and our true self. What our true self says is real. What our mind says is not.

Pinning can be considered an artistic expression of one's true self. We don't think of an addictive online social networking site as a place to do any soul work...but in actuality, we can bring truth and our true selves to any activity we choose.

The beauty of bringing your true self to any activity you do, is that others are receptive to it. Others can sense when you are operating from a truer place within yourself. Their true nature is responding to your true nature, and you make a deeper connection.

And in the language of Pinterest: you'll get more repins.

Here is how to pin from the heart.

1. Notice your intention as you find yourself online. Are you out to find pins for your Pinterest board because you keep hearing you need to do this Pinterest thing for business success? Or are you surfing around the Internet one night for pleasure?

2. Once you have stumbled upon something that piques your interest, notice how that sensation of "piques your interest" feels. What happened? Where in your body did you sense that you like this particular image or pin? Particularly note if you like this image in your body or your mind.

3. If it's in your body (gut, heart, soul, etc.) take note of that sensation. Feel its delight. Take a moment to really take in the joy of this image, and then PIN IT!

4. If you note that this interest is stemming from your mind, notice what your mind is telling you about this image. Is your mind telling you "I bet people would like this" or "they say you should put desserts on Pinterest and this is a nice dessert." Is your mind being rational? Logical? Is it trying to crack the Pinterest success formula. Is it only doing this task because it's been told it has to for online success? Notice what it tells you. Maybe you pin. Maybe you pass. Check in with your gut at this point and see what it tells you to do.

5. Continue this process as you actively seek pins to create boards. Know that pin success is going to be higher when you are operating from a more authentic (more connected to your body & soul) place as you choose your pins. But know we all also pin from our minds sometimes, and that's okay too.

6. Overall, have fun. Seek pins that get you juiced up. Notice if you are drawn back to Pinterest in the evening, after work hours, just because it's fun and feeds your creative self. Or, conversely, notice if you are only creating this pinboard as a mundane task because you've heard that you should create a Pinterest presence. If the latter is true, your un-inspiration will shine right through.

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