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When your website is up and ready for sale, you have 2 options what to do next - you can sell it immediately or you can start promoting it for some time in order to sell your website at a higher price later. It is up to you, but I will tell you about my method.

I usually took and installed several sites and sold some of them immediately. To other websites I sent traffic for 1-2 weeks and then sold them for a much better price. As a result I got some profit instantly and another additional high profit after a few weeks.

So, where to get this traffic and what websites to send it?

The most effective and easy method for me was traffic from You can setup everything in 5 seconds. You go to, register an account as advertiser and select what type of traffic to buy (I recommend World Deal traffic, that will cost you only $1 for 1000 visitors).

What you should do:

1. Choose websites to send traffic (I recommend, websites made for AdSense, niche blogs, autoblogs and Movie sites - all of them you can find at Web Cash Stream)

2. Create your advertising campaign at ($10 will be enough to get 10 000 visitors. While creating your advertising campaign, don't forget to set daily limit of $1 per day, in order to get a determined amount of users every day but not all in one day)

3. Don't forget to set Google Analytics on your website. A report (proof) of your traffic you will need to add to your sales listing description.

4. Then you just need to wait for 10 days, while earning with Google AdSense (you send traffic - you get clicks and commissions if you set your AdSense ads). As a rule I make about $20-$30 on AdSense spending $10 on 10 000 visitors.

As a result you get a site for sale on Flippa that has already 10 000 visitors and several tens of dollars profit for the last 10 days (but don't forget to mention in your listing that it is a paid traffic, because you should not lie to your clients).

It is possible to sell such a website for $250 - $500, spending on it only $10 additional and waiting for 10 days. Great, isn't it?

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