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Using Polyvore
How to Set up an Account

Setting up an account with Polyvore is pretty straightforward.

Log on to:

In the top right corner click on "register"

You may connect with Facebook for a quick easy sign up, or enter your email and create a password. If you do sign up through Facebook, make sure you are aware that this means your Polyvore and Facebook accounts will be linked. Check to make sure all settings are the way you want them, otherwise everyone in your Facebook account will be notified of everything you create, like and do on Polyvore.

Create Your First Set

Once in Polyvore, click on "Create" along the top bar. This will lead you to a blank canvas on the left of the screen, with some pictures of Clothing and accessories on the right.


If you want to start by adding some tops, click on "tops" and Polyvore will offer images of 7 rows of fashion tops that are popular right now. If any image strike your fancy, click on it and drag the image to the left side blank canvas.

You can choose items by category (such as clicking on "bags" and then browsing through selections) or search for a particular item. This search feature is helpful if you know the kind of board you are creating and need an image of an umbrella or Legos.

You also can add "Embellishments" which are under the Clothing and accessories area. This is where you find your letters to create words, and also frames, backgrounds, etc.

Expand Search Features

One cool feature to know about as you pick your images for your set is the color button. Notice to the right of the Keywords and Price bar, there is a color button displaying 4 blocks of color. Click on the down arrow to the right of these color blocks and you will be given a grid of colors to choose from. Click on any color that speaks to you and volia! all shorts in that color will pop up. This is a very useful feature as you seek to create themed, seasonal or specific colored sets.

Everything you search will record as a tab under keywords. This way you can go back to any search results you have found that you want to revisit. If this area becomes too cluttered, simply click the X to the right of the keyword and that tab will disappear.

Move, Layer, Resize, Rotate, Delete


Images can be dragged around the canvas and placed anywhere you choose to set them.


Images can be layered by clicking on the image you'd like to be "on top" and then hitting "Forwards" on the task bar above the blank canvas. Same for moving at item into the background by highlighting it and then clicking "Backwards."


Once you drag your item to the canvas, it will appear there in its defaulted size. If you'd like to resize it, click on the image and then hover over one of the gray square corners. When the arrow appears, either drag the arrow outward to make the image bigger, or inward to make the image smaller.


To rotate image from side to side, or to flip it over completely, click the image. Hover over the small gray circle above the center of the image. An upside down u-shaped arrow will appear that you can drag clockwise or counterclockwise to make your image spin 360 degrees.


Ooops, don't like that image on your canvas anymore? Click on it and then click "Remove" on top left of toolbar above canvas.

Save and Publish

At any point you can save a draft of your work by clicking the "Save Draft" button along the left side of your screen. If you decide you would like to put this set on your website and you are ready for your image to be seen by the public, then click "Publish" with the green checkmark in the top left hand corner of your screen.

When you publish live on the web, this means that anyone scrolling through Polyvore in search of sets will be able to access your profile and your saved sets within it.

It also means that anyone searching for any of the products featured within your sets might stumble upon your Polyvore set in their search results.

You also need to publish this set in order for Polyvore to give you the html code to embed this image on your site. For more information on how to use this provided html code on your site, see Chapter 13, Step 2.

Beyond Fashion: Polyvore's Expanding Capabilities

Want to create a collage displaying water bottles, cats, album covers, yoga mats or cleaning products? You can.

An important aspect to know about using Polyvore (that I suspect not many people know) is that Polyvore can be used to create original images that go way beyond fashion. As Polyvore grows in popularity, especially as the Pinterest/Polyvore effect takes an even greater hold, companies are lining up to put images of their products into Polyvore's image library.

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