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Video Backlinking?
Videos, when used, should be focussed more on getting quality traffic to your site - the core purpose of videos can never be procuring backlinks to one's websites. Why - Because most video sites will only give you No Follow links and some of them, may not even allow your backlink to be placed as a backlink - I mean it will not be a clickable hyperlink. Thus on the front of SEO, videos are not the greatest ammunition.

However, what I have noticed is that having a video here and there, does add to your site's credibility in the minds of Google - this is effectively what we are working towards when putting in our efforts to rank our website. Moreover, a number of softwares available on the Internet (most of them being paid ones - but with free trials) simplify video making to a great extent. Recording a video via Screen Capture software whilst going over Powerpoint Slides or other things which you are wanting to show to your viewers, is really much easier than it used to be.

Using videos, it is best to target keywords with low search volume. This is mainly to ensure that those videos rank higher or almost at the top, for these keywords, without any additional effort being put into building backlinks to these videos. In the initial stages, do not try and target high volume/high competition keywords for videos, since you will be stuck building backlinks to rank these videos higher, which you do not want to waste time on!

Websites like and can go a long way in helping you create really visually appealing videos. Also, in order to upload these videos, you can use tubemogul from since it will save you a lot of time - and upload to the top 5 video sites.

In case of YouTube, a good idea is to get your video to the "Most Watched" section in by getting some free views. The following websites will help you do just that

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