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Website Creation: The Fundamentals
Before you even begin this step - let me tell you that you have already eradicated the possibility of receiving the infamous Google penalty for having built a micro site or anything of that sort!

Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. The reason I got you to do keyword research so intensively and narrow down on keywords which fetch you traffic separately and those which are high paying separately, is because whatever content you now create will be catering to both these categories of keywords!

And my friends - any website which has content catering to both these wings of keywords is by default, AN AUTHORITY SITE!

So let's say if you have done everything well so far, you have already eliminated an anxiety which rids most marketers of their Adsense dreams! Congratulations for that.

Let's now go straight to the initial aspects of creating our website:

1) Our first step should be to look for websites offering coupon codes which we can use to purchase domains. These are also called coupon codes. Use Google to find these:

2) Once we have that in place, we should just key in the coupon code into the relevant website whilst purchasing our domain. As I said earlier, I use Not much explaining to do there. Here's a snapshot:

3) With regards to what kind of domains we should try and target to purchase, I think Exact Match Domains are a good idea. Why you may ask? Well, it is simple. As of now, the importance placed on exact match domains by Google is known to be favourable as per most split tests which have been conducted. However, there is no reason that in the future, the degree of importance of Exact Match Domains shouldn't reduce, if Google figures out how marketers are exploiting this importance level to the fullest as of now. However, until that does happen we can stick to looking for an Exact Match Domain (provided it is available for your niche)

So when I say Exact Match Domain, I am essentially implying that if your primary keyword targeted is say, "dog training", then your exact match domain becomes This is obviously just an example but you got the point. Basically a direct keyword centric domain name, without any interferences and keywords sequenced in the exact same manner as the keyword phrase which you are wanting to rank for is referred to as Exact Match Domain. Note that .net and .org domains are also falling under this category such as

An advantage of having an Exact Match Domain is that once you are done with your Adsense site (say, you feel that you are trying to monetize the site way beyond what you should have) then you can easily flip it. It is not at all difficult to find buyers for such domains on Flippa (I am a buyer myself!!).

4) Now if the situation now reaches a level wherein you don't end up finding an exact match domain. So what do we do next?

There's this awesome little website for such situations: Once you are there, simply enter two keywords in each of the two boxes as shown below (do not include a space in any box. Enter exactly two keywords).What I have done is entered both keywords in one box itself but with no spaces whatsoever. I find this a little more convenient.

Click on "Go Nameboy Go" and this is how the results will come forth:

The green highlights indicate availability - which means you can get that domain. That's it! This is the simplest method to look for domains pertaining to your niche. I like Nameboy because my experience with it has really helped me find some really keyword rich domains and I can vouch for its worth by all means.

5) So now that you have found a domain, let's head over to or and register it. For the purpose of this example, let's use GoDaddy (and let's say from amongst the above options in the list of available domains, I choose
  • Enter your domain name and re assess its availability.

Once I see that my desired domain is available, I'm going to add it to my list of domains pending registration and to start the registration process.

  • The first step of the registration process is to enter your contact information. An account will be set up after your first purchase, so you'll login to the box on the left going forward

All of the information that you provide for this section of the domain buying process is going to be associated with you from a legal standpoint. What I mean by that is that should you opt out of the domain privacy settings in the buying process, all of your information is going to be viewable by individuals who are looking to find out information about the domain. This is going to include your address, your phone number, your name, and all of the other contact details are associated with domain name. This really isn't a big deal as the only people who are going to be able to find that information on those who are knowledgeable enough to know where it's located, but if you take your privacy seriously, then you might either consider choosing the domain privacy settings, or rather than using your personal name, use a business name that you have set up just for the purpose of buying domains. Make sure that you have a separate phone number and address set up for that so that nobody will know your personal details.
  • When you get to the second step of the registration process in the Go Daddy interface, you'll need to choose how long you want to register the domain name for, and whether or not you want to certify the domain name.

How long you registered the domain name for is going to be entirely up to you. Many people have tried to make the claim that registering a domain name for a longer period of time will help your site to rank better within Google, but that is just a myth and has been debunked as such. Since I never really know how well a site is going to do when I put it up, it's been my personal decision to only register a domain name for a period of one year until I know how it's going to do. If I find that the domain name is a keeper because it makes money, then I will register it for a longer duration when renewal comes due.
  • When you get to the third step in the process, you'll find all of the different options for privacy settings that are available. I've never needed anything more than just the default setting, so just stick to that and save yourself some money and move on.

Often times Go Daddy will make offerings for special offers on the domain privacy settings. What this is referring to is the who is database that stores all the information about domain names. If you don't select the privacy option, if somebody were to look at the details of the domain name in the database, they would see all of your registration details including your name, e-mail address, and all of the other pertinent information regarding it. While it's really nice to have this extra level of privacy, it's not really necessary since there aren't a lot of people who would know anything about how to find the information, or who would care for that matter. The only time I would really consider choosing the private registration option is if the site starts bringing in a substantial amount of income. Until then, I wouldn't recommend it because it's not a free option within the Go Daddy interface.
  • When you get to step four, you're going to find a bunch of options that you'll never need. Go Daddy tries to sell you all kinds of things like hosting, e-mail accounts, and a host of other things that simply isn't necessary, so make sure that nothing is checked here and then move on by clicking "Next".

This next page is where you actually get to the shopping cart portion of the domain buying process. It's important that you check all of the details, and make sure that there aren't any add-ons within the cart that you don't want. It's really simple from then on, as all you have to do is check the box says you accept the terms of service, and then proceed through the buying process.

GoDaddy is going to be sending you a few different e-mails concerning the purchase when you're all done. Most of these aren't really important, but one of them is going to contain all of the login information for your domain, and when you want to swap the name servers for the account so you can forward the domain to your hosting account, you'll need it, so don't delete it. Were going to be discussing name servers in a little bit, so if you're confused on that, don't worry as we'll get to it.


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