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Website Creation: Wordpress Setup
The next step is to grab the login details for your Cpanel account from the E-Mail that you received from hostgator after purchasing the hosting plan. You're going to need your username and password that you were supplied, so hopefully you took my advice and didn't delete it. When you get logged into the Cpanel dashboard, there are going to be a variety of different options.

This is where you're going to install WordPress on your domain account, so you need you to scroll down until you see an icon that says Fantastic De Luxe. It is easily recognizable by a grey smiley face.

When you click on that icon, it's going to take you to another page that is the Fantastico Panel. You're going to see a number of different options you can choose from, but you're going to want to click on WordPress and proceed with the following steps.

  • The next few steps are just gradual and self explanatory. Choose "New Installation".
  • Don't put anything in the field that says "Install in directory", as this is going to make sure that your WordPress gets installed at the root of your domain where it needs to be. If you make a mistake and put something in that field, it will create a new folder within your domain directory entitled whatever you put in the field, and install wordpress in that folder.
  • The next field is the one where you put your username to access your WordPress installation. This is called admin access data, and nobody's going to be able to see this username except for you. This is different than the "admin nickname" which is under the base configuration, as this will be the name that is displayed for everybody to see whenever you author a post. You will also need to choose a password here and put it in the password field which will be used to access your WordPress installation as well.
  • When you have those fields filled out, go ahead and click "Install WordPress", and then Fantastico will give you notification to confirm that you are installing the WordPress set up into the correct location. Go ahead and click "Installation" when you get to this page since WordPress will not be installed until you do.
  • After WordPress has successfully installed, you will come to another confirmation screen. If you would, note the information which is highlighted above in yellow. Please make note of it because this is very important as it is where your WordPress login page is located for your website. If you have the WordPress installation installed in the root of your directory, it will always be "". Host gator is always going to recommend that you bookmark this URL so you can keep it handy within your browser, but Fantastico also gives you the option of having an e-mail sent to your e-mail account with the login details and the URL as well.

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